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Conquest Operation Silent Storm

This multiplayer map was created for those who like doing assaults with several choppers at a time, and it is based on Op. Irving Map.


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Conquest Hamburger Hill

Well, here's another Hamburger Hill map to add to our collection :P. This map is based on the true battle and comes with both single player...


Conquest Apocalypse Now Sunset Assault

Here's a Battlefield Vietnam map made by Ruso. The map is based on Communist Killer's map.


Conquest Codename Napalm Rising

There are two main bases and four capturable control points. Take control and hold at least three control points and you will win the round....


Conquest Park

The map is set in a fictional Vietnamese city. The US Marines and the NVA are both rushing to take over a palace in the city center. If ei...


Conquest Hunting Area

The Wild Unknow Island Somewhere In Pacific Ocean .. There Have Been rumours Around World.. That There Lives Wild People.. An USA Special Fo...


Conquest Clan Training Map

The =SLH= clan made a map to practice their skills, and now they released it for all of us.


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Conquest Pass To Hanoi

Pass to Hanoi. This is a level where you have to defend or attack the city Hanoi there is an little sea before with 3 flags before that ....


Conquest Mountins of Khe Sanh

hi I made this map for no reason , it was only the fun to do its an huge looks like flaming dart map its with ground and air vicles


Conquest The Two Houses

hi looker ;) well i've to explain (sorry for my englich its bad) the map is very littl but nice its for 1 - 1 to 64-64 if you have an...


Conquest Gridlock Vietnam Beta

This is a small map based off the popular map Gridlock from Gears of War. I made this map mostly for lan matches with my friends, but I thin...