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Custom City Assault

Ok this is my first map and i got a point bug so u must capture all outpost if u wanna win the game just install the map in to C:/Programe...


Custom City Seige

++ ||City Siege &|| || City Siege Night || ||By Fx2003|| ++ ====...


Custom SkyRace

++ ||Skyrace|| |||| ||By Fx2003|| ++ =...


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Custom Greenville

This cool map is part city and part jungle. Each team spawns with a wide variety of vehicles. The each spawn on different sides of the map.


Custom Plei_Mei

This is a historical map of the battle of Plei Mei. In October 1965 the 33rd and 66th Regt NVA along with PAVN and Viet Cong units at...


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Custom Ingland

A new custom map for BFV, its set in the middle of the jungle with lots vehicles and loads of booby traps. This map can make for some inte...


Custom Scrapyard

This map consists of twooutposts both located at the top of a base reachable by a ladder and stairs. Inbetween thetwo outposts is a "scrapy...


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Custom The Swamps

This map for BFV was created by Ape. This map was made to test various types of transportation and teamwork. It ranges from...


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Custom Sniper Jungle

Another good Map with several for good spots for sniping.


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Custom Cambodia Bridge

The newest map to be churned out from the BFV community is called Cambodia Bridge. The map features a long windy river in the middle seperat...


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Custom Island Hopping

As you can propably assume from the title of this map there are several islands that must be controlled if you want to win. You can do this...


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Custom Hill City

The map is by the Dawn of Fate mod team and is just a little taster at what the DoF mod will offer!


Custom Coral Sea

Here is a BF1942 Coral Sea Type Map for BFV!! It looks eaxactly the same as in BF1942 just withouy aircraft carriers/Def guns/etc. Pretty fu...


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Custom Rats Nest

A very nice custom amp for BFV. Lots of intense action! Check it out!


Custom Mountainous Assault

Have a look at the pics for a good description of this map ;-)


Custom Poontang Bay

Another Custom map! Check out the screenshot below for description! :D


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Custom Hamburger Hill

The NVA troops have dug deep within a hill along the boarder between north and south Vietnam. Americans have burned the trees down with napa...


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Custom Hio An

A map that is based on a less well known battle early in the Vietnam War. It is full of rivers and waterways but there are few boats.


Custom Operation Forest Fire

The Map is based on a battle that took place very late in the war. Both sides have a lot of helicopters to take to the sky with!


Custom Jungle Warefare

Close to the coast, an island is held by vietcong forces and used as a starting point for disruptive actions. American units took by assault...


Custom USA Attack

This map is a assault map. U.S. forces start at their island base and must attack the Vietcong bases on the other island. This is a Jungle...


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Custom Outpost

A big assault map with thick jungles at night!


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You are fighting on a buch of little islands of the coast of North Vietnam against either the US Special Forces, or VietCong. You wi...


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Custom Dungeree

This map contains, choppers, Tanks, jeeps, and awesome scooters. Custom Load Screens and music!