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Operation Peacekeeper OPK Bridge Assault

This custom map was converted for the Operation PeaceKeeper mod and is fully functional with bots.


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Ditched

OPK_SP+COOP Map This is a pure Action/Tankbattle_Map (like Battleaxe) with great Bot_Support -Ditched by AdZ (Fullmap) Installation: tak...


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Island Combat Night SP/Coop

=== SP+COOP+Conquest Add-on_file for BFV 1.2 === supported Map: - VNC_Island_Combat_Night by ALFfx (remake of Invasion of the philippine...


Operation Peacekeeper OPK SP/Coop Mappack #9

Hamburger Hill has done it again with another new sp/coop mappack for the Operation Peacekeeper mod.


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Saigon Night

A singleplayer supported conversion of the custom map "Saigon Night" for the Operation Peacekeeper mod


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Wake of Kosovo

This custom map has been converted to Operation PeakceKeeper mod and is fully supported with bots.


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Sp/Coop Mappack #11

This is a converted custom map pack for Operation Peacekeeper mod with full bot support.


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Sp/Coop Mappack #12

OPK_SP+COOP Mappack#12 === SP+COOP+Conquest map+Addon_files for OPK_Mod ===


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Lang Vei

Hamburger Hill is doing his part in keeping the BFV mapping community alive today by releasing his latest map for the Operation PeaceKeeper...


Operation Peacekeeper MiG21 Assault - Operation Peacekeeper

This is a modified map from "Flaming_Dart" - This map is a homage to the great MiG-21. My wish was to put many planes into the Map a...


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Airbase Revenge

This is a SP/COOP/cq map "AIRBASE_REVENGE" for "Operation_PeaceKeeper" v. 2b This is the fixed version now from the first Rel...


Operation Peacekeeper OPK Auslandseinsatz

Another map by Hamburger Hill for Operation Peacekeeper.


BattleGroup Vietnam BG-V Skyraider Assault

This is a SP/COOP/cq map "Skyraider_Assault" for BG_Vietnam_Mod v. 0.15 I missed the great BG-V vehicles so I made a other vers...