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All Files In Battlefield Vietnam Mini-Mods
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Mini-Mods Metz's Weapons Mayhem

Metz's Weapons Mayhem 1.1 by MetzXTwo @ INSTALLATION: Using Winzip or Winrar ( Extract the WMayhem fol...


Mini-Mods Bullet Time

Bullet Time Mini Mod for Battlefield Vietnam. ----0.1---- Added Bullet Added Smoketrail Fixed Bullet velocity of all weap...


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Mini-Mods Battlefield Vietnam Capture The Flag

BFV CTF MOD - Battlefield Vietnam Capture The Flag (CTF) Gametype mod - about 51% complete. Version 0.5, fixed the capture announcements,...


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Mini-Mods underfire

UU F UU F UU F F UnderFire...


Mini-Mods BattleField Destrucktion v.5 (BFD .5)

ok people BFD is back and in its 5th stage. here are are all updates. Updates in v0.5 A BFD v.5 compatible MAP PACK with basic bots ha...


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Mini-Mods BFD v.5 Map pack

this is a part 2 of BFD this has all the maps that add full bot control must have to work.


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Mini-Mods Spiders Special Mod

Hey there soldiers! Here is a neat mod that will change a ton of features in the game! Enjoy! See ya in the jungle!


Mini-Mods Dans Mod

Hey soldiers! Remember Dans Mod 1? Well, this is the second version of it! This mod has support for ALL maps, so you better check it out!...


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Mini-Mods Craziness Mod

0.2 of the craziness mod!! -Fx


Mini-Mods Jungle Fever (Reviewed)

Jungle Fever is a realism mod for Battlefield: Vietnam, adding new features and balancing the game, adding 5 new songs and 3 new maps (Opera...


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Mini-Mods BFV Excessive Mod

This mod makes all of the weapons in the game much more powerful for n00by fun! ;)


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Mini-Mods Gee's War

This is Gees war 0.3, this mod edits a few things on the planes of battlefield vietnam, look at the readme for the list of chages. The ma...


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Mini-Mods Craziness Mod 3

Hey Guys! here's the third installment of the Craziness Mod! Enjoy!! -Fx


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Mini-Mods Limitless

This is a mod made by neo3275, this mod is put together with user submitted models/skins/maps. This mod includes 1 new map (which includes...


Mini-Mods Craziness Reloaded

Hugh Jass and Fx2003's map for the Craziness mod, looks pretty cool! get downloading!


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Mini-Mods Battlefield Mini Mod

this addon adds Air to air weapons to the hueys which are control by the pilots! plus i changed the Weapons for the soliders replaced the M1...


Mini-Mods Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal

A new update for BFV arsenal


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Mini-Mods Craziness Mod

After countless months of trying to get it to work, today i finally accepted that BCV was well and truly broken :( So i am turning my eff...


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Mini-Mods Craziness Mod

Craziness V5 is here! Download now and enjoy the mad new features including: Spawnable choppers and scooters Throwable rocks to hid...


Mini-Mods Battlefield Vietnam Action Mod V.1

This mod greatly increases Firing rate and Ammo storages of all Handweapons (some vhicles also, more to be added). it also changes some pro...


Mini-Mods Road To Victory

Battlefield Road To Victory is a map mod with new maps, sounds, music and more. The mod are still in the vietnam era and the maps are loc...


Mini-Mods POE Old School Mod

This miniMod allows You to play the WW2_Pacificmaps with POE and a lot of other maps. The maps have a yellow info Icon in the Gamemenu!!


Mini-Mods Battlefield Vietnam's Ironsights

AdZ has put together a mini-mod for BFV called "BFV_IronSight". All this mod does is add the iron sights to the 44Magnum, Ak47, AKMS, Car15...


Mini-Mods POE Stunts Mod 0.1

This is a Stunts mod from the Point of Existence team made purely for fun. It has the POE Monster Truck as well as a 'secret' Transformin...