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Multiplayer =]1ste.elite[= Clan Mod

1ste.elite[= clan. What this involves exactly is unknown to me, but seems interesting.


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Singleplayer POE V0.4 Singleplayer Addon

A community made singleplayer addon for Point of Existence V0.4.


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Singleplayer Arsenal Config

I believe this changes the way your bots look in game


Singleplayer Kirivong

This is a single player map for BFV Arsenal


Singleplayer Asain Scrub

This is another map for BFV Arsenal


Singleplayer AI Enhancement Mod v1.0

This mod is an AI enhancement mod for BFv that I've been working on for nearly a year now. I've been working on it myself, but have had some...


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Singleplayer AI Enhancement Mod Crosshair Patch

Re-enables the crosshairs for the AIEV mod. Download AI Enhancement Mod v1.0 Here.


Singleplayer AI Extended Vietnam

This is the v1.1 of Grenademan's AI Extended Vietnam mod. As well as hugely boosting the performance of the bots, he's also incorporated...


Singleplayer AI Extended Vietnam

This is the final version of AIEV by Grenademan, now with 100% more awesome bots :cool: If you're an offline BFV player, be sure to check...


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Singleplayer AIEV 1.3 QuickFix

This is a fix that will solve your problems with the latest version of AI Enhancement Vietnam, courtesy of GRENADEMAN. Details are in the re...


Singleplayer AI Enhancement Vietnam

This time 'round, you're diving head-first into a frantic, vicious blood-bath where the killing never stops. Destruction incarnate engulfs...


Total Conversions Flashpoint Balkans V0.12 Client

Full client install for the Flashpoint Balkans total conversion mod.


Total Conversions Insurrection 1776 Alpha 0.1

it is the 4th an the people at Insurrection 1776 have given us(bfv community) it is still a alpha the fighters are not made up like 1776 era...


Total Conversions Bushwar Modification

Bush War Hello soldiers! Yes, thats right, the BushWar modification has released their first version today! This mod looks to be awesome,...


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Total Conversions Forgotten Battles of Middleearth

This is the final build of Forgotten Battles of Middleearth. The mod is now dead but check out what has been made while the mod was around...


Total Conversions Battlegroup Vietnam

Hey there soldiers! The highly proclamied Battlegroup Vietnam has been released for all you BFV Fans! This mod adds many new weapons, vehi...


Total Conversions Electronic Arts WW2 Modification

Hey there soldiers! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tackle the deadly battlefield's of Iwo Jima on the BFV engine? How abo...


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Total Conversions Point of Existence

Here is what you all have been waiting for!!!! This amazing first release from a very talented team, lets hope the next releases are just...


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Total Conversions Poe mini-map fix

Hey guys here is a fix for the mini-map in the first release from poe, the team accidentally left in the circle one, but all is well as this...


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Total Conversions BattleGroup Vietnam 0.15 Client Patch

The BGV 0.15 Patch is here!!! So get downloading and get into a server, i have :D -Fx


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Total Conversions BattleGroup Vietnam 0.15 Server Patch

Here's the BGV 0.15 server patch for all to enjoy, download now!!


Total Conversions Tour of duty

Here is another sweet ass mod release with full iron-sights and finally multiple views for your own character(jeez wasnt that hard). Grab th...


Total Conversions Point of Existence

Here is the first maintenance patch for this awesome mod, full changelog below. Today we would like to annouce Build .1.1 Optimizi...


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Total Conversions Point of Existence

Here is the windows server files for the latest release. ::Server Admins:: To turn on this feature add this line to your Serve...