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Other Map Pack

++ || Map pack || By || Fx2003 ++ Maps: Centre of Attention Labyrinth Valley Warfare Crazine...


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Other Bushwar Map Contest Files

Bush War Hey there soldiers! Here are the files that you mappers will need to enter the BushWar's Mapping Contest! So, download them now...



This map is a good battle map only one chinook loads of tanks and fog, a river and boats.



WARHELL BFV MAP. Is a small map with only one US and a NVA base with one netural base close to the bottom...


Other Gazala

This is one of my Favorite maps for BF1942 so I decided to convert it to BFV. Enjoy!


Other Custom Mappack #1

The first mappack from for our custom map server. Contains 10 custom maps that are needed to play on the server.


Other Rally - Dice City

This is my first map.I used Battlecraft42. It's based on a rally map for dice city. It has 3 cycles & a swat van at the begining. theres...


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Other Operation Oakeon and Red Haze Patch

Patches for Operation Oakeon and Red Haze by Ga-Knomboe Boy, which adds Bot Support and PoE Support. A great download for people who have...


Other Dice City: Bank Alarm

A new custom map for the Dice City mod.


Other Krunk Speedway Advanced

This is an improvement to the race track map Krunk. Improvements include fixes to the track to reduce vehicular damage, a boat racing circui...


Other Shotgun Arena Knife & Shotgun

REQUIRES -;68438 Shotgun Arena was meant to be about shotguns. Unfortunately, a few...


Other Shooting Range

The map include different types of targets for different types of weapons. (check file: "SR_Map.jpg") The shooting range has vehicles ever...


Other Jungle River

Nebotnebot, has another map for BFV arsenal called jungle river