This is a map that is very different compared to the normal maps submitted to bfvfiles, this is all close quaters with no foliage! just buil...


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This is a map that is very different compared to the normal maps submitted to bfvfiles, this is all close quaters with no foliage! just buildings and walls, the screenshots make it look pretty cool, check it out!

sorry about not being able to post the developers name so i'll have to post it here as usual, developer: Odin84gk

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Download 'aarrrgh.zip' (3MB)

AARRGH by Odin84gk

This level was made to give a person a chance to do some close quarters combat. There are many obstacles inside a small area. Let me put it into perspective. You can run around the perimiter of the level in 54 seconds, but you can't even see 1/3 of the level at once! There are 7 controll points, 2 uncapturable points, 1 center point, and 1 at each corner (three of the five=important). 
It is called AARRGH because when you play with 64 bots on 100% difficulty, you are luckey to use up 1 mag. It also works great as 4-16 player seek-and-destroy map.
This level is a complete change from my previous University of Evansville map. UE was very open, and focused on teamplay, this does not. It is pure adrenelin.

Developer- Odin84gk
Gametypes- Conquest, Single player, Co-op.
custom objects- none
Framerate- Acceptable. Killer rigs- no problems. Medium - minimal lag when on lowest video and 64 bots. Poor rigs- stick with 16-32 bots and you will have minimal lag.
number of objects- 174
size of level (useable)- 210x210 (largest maps are 2040x2040)
Visibility- 40 (most levels have 200+)
Soldier spawns - 55 (can't spawn kill all day long. hooray.)
Controll points- 7 (not very important. Just keeps the bots moving)
Vehicles- 1 BTR60, 1 Hewey Transport (good luck drivin those ;)
Time for development- 16 hours (University of Evansville had over 120 hours, not counting testing!)

Thanks to the creator of Botinator, Ben Lehman. None of this would happen without you and your creation.
Also thanks to the people at gamingforums.com. You helped on my other map, so you still deserve credit.
Also thanks to the staff at BFVFiles.com 

Install Instructions
Extract AARRRGH.rfa to your vietnam levels folder
default = C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

This map is not based on any other maps. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Feel free to do whatever to this map. It is somewhat similar to a CS map, but I'm not sure, since I never played CS.
e-mail any comments or questions to dan84gk@yahoo.com.

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