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This time 'round, you're diving head-first into a frantic, vicious blood-bath where the killing never stops. Destruction incarnate engulfs you in a firestorm of chaos. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

...Dying Time is Here.

Yep that's right, it's finally here! The FINAL version (I swear this time!) of the AI Enhancement mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Lots of new improvements to make the most out of a single player experience.





Creator: Grenademan
Version: v1.3
Game: Battlefield Vietnam

This time 'round, you're diving head-first into a frantic, vicious blood-bath where the killing never stops.
Destruction incarnate engulfes you in a firestorm of chaos. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

...Dying Time's Here.

(Oh and for the love of God. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ain't answering any more frigging e-mails asking me about installation
directions. The only information you need is IN HERE. Gawd....)


1. Extract the mod somewhere on your computer, then copy the "AIEV" folder into your "&:Battlefield VietnamMods" directory.
2. Run the game and activate the mod from the CUSTOM GAME menu in BFV. Then choose a map and play!

You will be able to play all of the stock maps, and the bots will use the AI strategies that I editted for them. Custom maps however are not supported.


**Pay close attention here**

1. Go into your %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnam directory and BACKUP your lexiconALL.dat file. (copy it into some other folder somewhere)

2. Go into your %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchives directory and BACKUP your objects.rfa file. (copy it into some other folder somewhere)

3. Go into your %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchives directory and BACKUP your animations.rfa file. (copy it into some other folder somewhere)

4. Go into your %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchivesBfVietnam directory and also BACKUP your game.rfa file. (copy it into some other folder somewhere)

5. Go into my AIEV folder and copy the lexiconALL.dat file into your:
        %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnam directory

6. Go into my AIEV folder and copy the objects.rfa file into your:
        %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchives directory.

7. Go into my AIEV folder and copy the animations.rfa file into your:
        %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchives directory.

8. Go into my AIEV folder and copy the game.rfa file into your:
        %:Battlefield VietnamModsBfVietnamArchivesBfVietnam directory.

You will be able to play both custom and stock maps this way, but you won't be able to play any other mods, should you have them installed.

There. Hopefully you haven't messed up somewhere, and can proceed to reading the features (or just playing it, whatever).

***MOAR (1.3) FEATURES***

- Improved the AI heavily once more.
- Improved how well the AI handles hand weapons.
- Bots are more effective with grenades.
- Bots are more effective with high-explosives against enemy vehicles (reducing the chance of killing themselves in the resulting explosion)
- Bots are more effective in the M-46s (way more!)
- Bots are more effective in the BM-21 rocket launcher. (VERY effective...)
- Bots flying assault helicopters are a bit better at strafing enemy ground forces.
- Corrected the flaw where bots were unable to hit a tank with an RPG or LAW.
- Bots flying the Phantom or MiG-21 are more effective at killing enemy tanks with their missiles.
- Bots won't spam mortars (now that was annoying!) as much and are a bit more intelligent when deploying them. 
- Bots piloting dropships, such as the Mi8 and UH-1, won't bail out over landing zones, instead will orbit over the area. 
The UH-1's gunners will provide air support while the Mi8 will continue flooding reinforcements into the battlezone.
- Bots have more things to say now, to add to the atmosphere of a heated battle.
- Snipers will engage enemy infantry from even greater distances.
- Bots will no longer fire rifles and machineguns at enemy aircraft.

- Velocity, recoil, ammunition and many other properties have been changed for all hand and vehicle weapons.
- The M551 Sheridan is now amphibious.
- Corpses and wrecks stay around for just a little bit longer.
- All kits have been reworked once again.
- First Aid Kits can now heal friendly troops twice as fast, but the time it takes for the medic to heal himself has been increased.
- US and NVA wrenches are able to repair vehicles more quickly.
- Corrected a lot of little AI and game mistakes I overlooked last time (my bad people!)
- Made a few in-game graphical changes, such as muzzle flashes and projectile collision effects to name a few.
- Increased the distance that some sounds and most voices can be heard.
- Changed the health of most vehicles again. Most noteably; decreased the health of almost all aircraft, increased the health of the Tango, tweaked tank health.
- Increased the time it takes for C4 to detonate.
- The M40, M91/30, M21 and Scoped M16 have differing scopes, meaning that one rifle's scope could be better than another.
- RPG and LAW rockets can now arc again.
- Weapon damages have been tweaked. 
- Reduced the ammo count of special weapons a kit gets (Claymores, Mines etc).
- Reduced the damage radius of the M79.
- Tracers are 100% more visible now.
- Removed the OH-6's artillery spotting ability.
- Increased throwing range of both grenade types.
- Modified the scoring system. 
- Changed the gunshot sound of the Scoped M16 to that of the M16.
- Decreased damage dealt by knives and other melee weapons.
- Anti-tank mines are no longer as powerful as they once were.
- Removed the two passenger positions from the assault Mi8, making it more of a gunship.
- Removed the Mi8 co-pilot's ability to spot for artillery.
- The NVA mortar now has a faster rate of fire, but isn't as powerful. The US mortar on the other hand, has a slower rate of fire, but fires a more powerful shell.

- Changed the names of all bots to something a little more interesting. 
- Changed the loading screen dialogue to something a little more interesting also.
- Changed various other pieces of dialogue throughout the game. (can you spot them all!?)


- Bots suck at driving anything amphibious, such as BTR-60s, M113s, PT-76s, the Sheridan and whatever else can traverse water that I may have missed.
I have no idea why they suck at it, they just do. Blame DICE's half-assed coding.
- Sometimes when you start Landing Zone Albany, the entire US team will freeze and refuse to move anywhere. I assume this is
a pathfiding screw-up. Just restart the game until the bots actually move somewhere.
- Bots will still sometimes horde a certain kit. I've done all I could to balance it out, but they seem to have
other things on their minds. Ungrateful bastards.
- On a rare few occasions bots may deploy a mortar facing a silly direction. Just a simple mistake on their behalf...what?
And you haven't done that before!?
- Sometimes when the BTR-60 is destroyed, the effect will be a water explosion isntead of a fireball.
- Yes, bots will sometimes fly helicopters like complete morons. Nothing I can do about that.
- Changed bot names only apply to stock maps. They will default to their old names in custom maps. Changed dialogue and descriptions only apply to English versions of the game.
- I know bots suck on urban maps! Stop telling me that!
- In fact, sometimes bots will just suck at everything. It's a one off and usually a map-related problem, but it does happen.
- There is something that causes a crash, I'm not sure what and I couldn't find the cause, but it happened on "Operation Game Warden". Beware!


- Weapons that are almost identical now have small differences that set them apart from each other.
For example, the AK47 and the AKMS. The AK47 is able to carry more ammunition than the AKMS, but the AK47 isn't as accurate
as its cousin. The AKMS has a slightly higher rate of fire, better accuracy, but not as much ammunition to squander.
The same applies to the CAR-15 and the M16. The CAR-15 has better accuracy, next-to-no recoil, but has lesser magazines. This also goes for other
near-identical weapons.

- Light Machineguns (or squad support weapons, such as the M60, RPD and Type-53) are best fired from the crouching or prone position. 
Standing while firing either of these weapons decreases stability, therefor accuracy is reduced.
(NOTE: I made these weapons fairly inaccurate on purpose, to prevent players from getting easy mass-killings. So stop telling me to "fix the accuracy"!! 

- Sniper rifles (barring the M21, since that's more of an M14 with a scope) are generally the more deadlier anti-infantry weapons available to a soldier.
A good sniper can rake up many kills if he places his shots carefully. It's not as easy as it sounds however.
Landing a head shot at a distance from the outer perimeter of the French Fort in Fall of Lang Vei, to the rice lakes outside the Khe Sahn village is a difficult undertaking. You might think you hit the guy in the head, but really you would have hit
him in the shoulder or chest. All the while you're trying to conserve ammunition, covering teammates as they do battle, while half of the opposing team and their array of assault vehicles are trying to kill you.
Not terribly easy when the fighting hits its peak...

- Experiment with the custom options in the single player menu. Make things interesting by changing the force ratios, AI difficulty, player death penalty and the number of troops deployed to the battle. 
If you get ridiculous amounts of lag with a full 64 player count (like me), then reduce the number of bots to a number where the lag isn't so prevalent (I tend to have it on 41 or 47). It's still just as fun. 
Besides, the less lag you have, the better the bots will perform.

- Remember that the AI difficulty setting only determines how much the bots will target the human player (that's you, silly) over other opposing bots. Having it on the lowest setting will make them target you less, while having it on the highest setting will have them target you more.
It does not determine their skills! 

- Some names are very subtle references to certain things, other names are just random ones I found on a map hanging on the back of the door next to my desk or something.
Can you identify the references?

And finally, there is one thing I think you should be aware of. It's some kind of wierd "player-proximity" bug that affects the AI in some pretty
bad ways. You may notice that when you die, an airborn vehicle that a bot was operating near you would have frozen in the air, or on the map you may notice
a large cluster of teammates seemingly standing around scratching their nuts. What I like to do is bring down the "`" button (the one below Esc normally)
and type in "freecam 1", which gives you the ability to fly around the map when you're waiting to respawn or spectating. Usually in the time it takes to 
return to the battle, I fly around to any idle bots in remote parts of the map and find them surrounded by a billion enemies, only to finally 
get slaughtered as the camera approaches, frozen aircraft will once again start moving. 
It also makes long respawn times a little more bareable too. 



I made the AIEV mod with my own hands, so therefor it is mine. All mine!
Please show some consideration and refrain from editting the mod and passing it off as your own
work, or something sinister like that. All other legal matters also apply.
Thanks for bothering to read this!

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