AIEV 1.3 QuickFix



This is a fix that will solve your problems with the latest version of AI Enhancement Vietnam, courtesy of GRENADEMAN. Details are in the readme. This is what he (GRENADEMAN) has to say:

Apologies for the delay, and for the need to even have a quick fix, haha. This fixes the crash on the Ia Drang valley, aswell as any other map with a BTR-60 in it. Additionally, there are also several more last minute improvements to the AI and the game, finalising the AIEV mod at long last.




AIEV 1.3 Quick-Fix

This fixes the crash that was occurring on Ia Drang and any 
other maps that have the BTR-60 in it. Additionally, this quick fix 
also includes some more last minute improvements to the AI and the game. 
Details are below.

You MUST already have AIEV 1.3.
Unzip the file.
Copy the "objects.rfa" file from this folder into the AIEV 1.3 
directory, overwriting the current one. 
That’s it. No more crashes! Happy killing.

Additional notes:
- Improved the AI again.
- Bots manning mounted machineguns on tanks and other vehicles are now much, much more effective. 
- All battle tanks have had their health increased exponentially. 
No one tank has the same health however; some tanks may be more resilient and badder-assed than others. 
- Mounted machineguns have better accuracy and don’t overheat as quickly.
- Improved the accuracy of the M60 and RPD.
- A minor kit change to the marine anti-tank trooper. 
- Even more dialogue introduced to intensify the battle. 

Have fun.

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