An Loc Ambush




The Battle of An Loc was a major battle of the Vietnam War that lasted for 66 days, and culminated in  a decisive win for the South Vietnamese. An Loc was the capital of Bihn Long province  and was approximately 65 miles north of Saigon.  The struggle for An Loc  in 1972 was an important battle of the war as  the Southern forces  halted  the North Vietnamese advance towards Saigon. 

Game Info:

Holding the terminal island is critical on this map; it has an enhanced value. Certain N.V.A. PT-76 tanks are set to  destroy the U.S. airbase, so defence of the North airfield entrance will be difficult.

I've uploaded a backed up copy of  this map.   It was backed up onto a disk over a decade ago and is  just the  .rfa file, so you'll have to manually  insert it to the  levels folder;   This file was uploaded to replace the original file  that  was missing from the server.  It  is  more than double the size of the original An_Loc_Ambush file   i.e.  41.2MB instead of 18.1MB.    This is possibly  because  this file includes   three modes of play  

It can be played in Conquest, Coop or single player modes.

File name: An_Loc_Ambush - 41.2MB

Installation Path:

The default drive  is usually the C: drive, but if you prefer to install your games  on  other disks, replace the  drive letter with the one you are using; for example I install all my  disk based games on the F drive.  There's also confusion as to  whether to install the  game to the Program Files  folder or the Program Files (x86) folder.  Some   BFV executables will install to one, others to the other.  I usually install  to  the Program folder, but you may want to install it to the Program Folder (x86) folder instead

C:\Program files\EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BFVietnam\Archives\BFVietnam\Levels

The video was created by Prospekt Mir and the in game  screen captures were taken of An_Loc_Ambush  by Whiterabbit-uk while playing single player.

If I can find the original  executable for the map it should have the read me file included; if and when I find it , I'll add the  read me.txt file 



2 years ago

The quoted  version number  in the description above was just a guess; it's not necessarily v1.0.0    I didn't have the read me with the back up; it was just an .rfa file I'd backed up with a complete levels folder  of  all the vanilla maps and  many custom maps, so that it would save time reinstalling at a later date.  






2 years ago

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