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I believe this changes the way your bots look in game


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I believe this changes the way your bots look in game

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to use these files is simple just extract them to your 
BCV main folder when you go into BCV there will be the mod.

if you want to use the aussies you need to make your map.
then when its done change the teams in the team select.
then save it.
then go into the int and make sure it looks something like this
(the enemy will look some thing different)

game.setTeamSkin 1 1 VietcongA1
game.setTeamSkin 1 2 VietcongA2
game.setTeamSkin 1 3 VietcongB1
game.setTeamSkin 1 4 VietcongB2
game.setKit 1 0 Vietcong_Scout
game.setKit 1 1 Vietcong_Assault_PPSh
game.setKit 1 2 Vietcong_HeavyAssault_Type63
game.setKit 1 3 Vietcong_Engineer
game.setKit 1 4 Vietcong_Scout_Alt
game.setKit 1 5 Vietcong_Assault_Alt
game.setKit 1 6 Vietcong_HeavyAssault_Alt
game.setKit 1 7 Vietcong_Engineer_Alt

game.setTeamSkin 2 1 ANZACA1
game.setTeamSkin 2 2 ANZACA2
game.setTeamSkin 2 3 ANZACB1
game.setTeamSkin 2 4 ANZACB2
game.setKit 2 0 ANZAC_Recon
game.setKit 2 1 ANZAC_Assault
game.setKit 2 2 ANZAC_HeavyAssault
game.setKit 2 3 ANZAC_Engineer
game.setKit 2 4 ANZAC_Recon_Alt
game.setKit 2 5 ANZAC_Assault_Alt
game.setKit 2 6 ANZAC_HeavyAssault_Alt
game.setKit 2 7 ANZAC_Engineer_Alt

then depending on the team of ANZAC make sure the paragraph above the teams looks like this:

game.setTeamInsignia 1 VCflag
game.setTeamInsignia 2 ANZAC_RAR
game.setTeamInsigniaName 1 "Viet Cong 275 Regiment"
game.setTeamInsigniaName 2 "ANZAC 6th Royal Australian Regiment"

to make sure the flag is okay make sure the line above the teams looks like this:

ObjectTemplate.create Flag RedFlag 2
ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo FlagBodyInfo
ObjectTemplate.radius 5
ObjectTemplate.TimeToReSpawn 10
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AnimatedUSFlag

and then finally go up the top and in between these line's:

renderer.diffuseColor .95/0.85/0.85
renderer.ambientColor .15
renderer.SecondaryDiffuseColor .4/.475/.55
renderer.LMambientColor .2
renderer.specularColor .5/.45/.3
renderer.standardmeshminintensity 0.45
shadow.shadowColor 0/0/0/0.6


renderer.vertexFogEnable 1
renderer.fogColorVec 0.295000/0.253000/0.234000
renderer.fogstart 10
renderer.fogend 100

you should see something like this:

textureManager.alternativePath Texture/mud

change that line to this:
textureManager.alternativePath Texture/ANZAC
by nebotnebot

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