Asain Scrub

This is another map for BFV Arsenal


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This is another map for BFV Arsenal

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Download 'asain_scrub_level.rar' (696KB)

This is a MP&SP map for BFV arsenal. It has:
-two teams a side, the nva and VC VS the US1stforces and USARVN.
-multi weapons, each tam has VC and NVA weapons, The us have US&SV weapons.
-background sounds

It was made by nebotnebot

extract to your default:C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BFV_Arsenal\Archives\BfVietnam\levels

Legal stuff:
Feel free to spread ths map around just remember who made it, cuz i can keep tracks on all DL sites and if you upload it with out saying nebotnebot built it.... well when i figure out what it is im going to do to you!!! you will regret picking up a copy of BFV!!!!
Just joking, have fun!!!!

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