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Hey guys here is a really cool promo movie made for the Free Tournament that I am involved in.

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Hey guys here is a really cool promo movie made for the Free Tournament that I am involved in.

This is a great tourney with lots of really good guys to play with, so when you get sick of smacktards and people with absolutely no goal other then stealing your chopper come check us out and play with a team like a team!

Campaign 2 is just about to start so now is the time to join

Here is a little info:[quote] Q: What is

A: is a free, public tournament. The tournament uses the game Battlefield: Vietnam, and it was originally created by 4 people, Grrr,Whitewolf, Rommel, and Gigolo_Ant. Later, two additional members, Cutlass and Lou, were added. These board members are very dedicated to making this tournament great.

Q: How does it work?

A: is made up of 2 armies. North Vietnamese/VC and United States Armed forces. Each army has it's own rank structure, starting from General all the way down to Private. Currently there are 2 divisions, [1MC] (1st. Marine Corps) and [9VC] (9th VietCong Division). These armies are growing rapidly, and once they are at full capacity, new divisions will be added. Each army's chain of command is currently built with the following ranks:

1 General

1 Colonel

1 Lt.Col or Major

4-5 Captains (each assigned to a company)

Each company is made up of 10-25 soldiers ranking from Pvt. to 1Lt.

Q: How do the soldiers communicate with one to another?

A: A very small, free downloadable program called Teamspeak2 is used as a voice command tool. Each army has their own channels. You can download it here:

There is also a lot of information available at this site if you have any questions regarding Teamspeak.

Q: How do I join

A: First you go to . Then on the top of the mainpage click on "Sign up " . Here is a quick Link

Once you fill out the information, you will be e-mailed confirmation. Click on the activation link and continue filling in the information. Once complete the signup process will automatic assign you to a division and you rank will be set to recruit.

Q: How will anyone know to what army I am assigned?

A: Once you are granted into an army, you must attach what is called a tag in front of your name. Here are few examples:

If you are assigned to the 1MC, your tag will be [1MC].

If you are assigned to the 9VC, your tag will be [9VC].

At first your rank will be private and you will work your way up the chain of command, based your maturity, skill, teamwork and leadership. So, if your name is Joe and are assigned to the 1cd in Bravo company, your name should look like this:


Your company commander will advise you of the appropriate tags.

Q: How do we know when there is a battle?

A: Battles will be posted in your main division barracks forum as well as the main public forum. The server ip, map and time will be posted. The server will be passworded. In order to get the password, you must be on team speak and ask your company commander.

Q: How much money will it cost for me to play?

A: Again, it is FREE!!! Donations are accepted in order to cover costs of game servers, team speak and main website. All donors have access to the donor's forum so they may be able to keep track of all tournament spending. No one here gets paid and works for free. This is what makes this tournament a great place; it is built up of true dedication.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact .

Enjoy your self and have a great time!


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Download '' (77.01MB)

Movie recording, editing and general godliness done by [9VC]PI|Cpt.Raven

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