Battlefield Mod Development Tools

battlefieldmdt_2.5_build_g.exe —


With the release of Mod Development Toolkit 2.5, the full suite of mod tools is now up-to-date with Battlefield Vietnam 1.1.



The following tools are contained within the MDT package: 

Vehicle editor (3dsmax)

    * Vehicles imported will have additional LOD Templates hidden by default
    * Now recognizes the properties: .position and .rotation
    * Names are no longer forced to be lowercase 

.SM Export (3dsmax)

    * Face smoothing groups are now fully supported
    * Normal mapping information (Tangents/Binormals) stored in file (Battlefield Vietnam only)
          o Vertices optimized in the .sm file (speeds up rendering) 
    * Lightmapped objects will export significantly more optimized than before
    * Fixed several bugs 

.SM Import (3dsmax)

    * The Re-Weld vertices option no longer distorts texture UVs
    * If no portion of the model is set for import, the visible checkbox will be checked 

.Baf Animation

    * Added radio buttons for exporting player animation more easily (They determine which set of bones will be exported)
    * Having extra bones in a .baf file that are not in the current scene will no longer cause all the bones in scene to fail the animation import 

.SM Export (Standalone .3ds -> .sm)

    * Vertices optimized in the .sm file (speeds up rendering)
    * Fixed several bugs causing problems converting files 

Menu Editor

    * New Save Selected object to file
          o New Load meme file into clipboard (so it can be pasted)
          o Added more supported object types 
    * Bookmarking
    * Right-Click context menu
    * GUI fixes (Minimize/Restore)
    * Copy/Paste of objects vastly improved
    * Fixed Boolean values not saving properly
    * Fixed several memory issues
    * Fixed certain error messages that were not being displayed

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