Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal v0.30



Arsenal mod adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.

Another awaited release from BVA :). This release has many new changes and also a full install. Enjoy.



              ARSENAL v0.30 
 Battlefield Vietnam Unofficial Expansion


Arsenal mod adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam.


- more than 50 new handweapons used in the Vietnam War, all with realistic and unique behavior;
- all vehicles armament and loadout reviewed; 
- new custom maps;
- new factions: ANZAC (Australian and New Zealander), SAS (ANZAC Special Forces), Vietcong Earlyer, Navy Seals and MACVSOG.
- all kits reformulated valuing gameplay and historical accuracy;
- redefined damage;
- and (much) more!


- This is a mod, so it´s required the Battlefield Vietnam game installed.
- You will also need the last version of the game. Get the v1.2 and v1.21 on the official EA Games web site: 


version 0.30 (released april, 2007)

- added M60 "shorty" for the US/ARVN/ANZAC Special forces. Model by Odanan, based on Dice´s M60.
- added M16 with grenade launcher (XM148) for the SAS and US Special Forces. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s.
- US/ARVN/ANZAC kits reviewed. Moved Law to the Rifleman class (random with the Medkit).
- Added the Anti-Air and the Special Ops classes.
- added random weapons and equipment.
- Type 63 now fires in bursts.
- new textures for the SAS. Added a second option of body.
- added Browning Hi-Power (or L9A1) 9mm pistol by Trigger/Splinter.
- added S&W Mod.39 'Hush Puppy' 9mm silenced pistol by Stoke.
- added Sterling L2A3 by Splinter Cell/Valve (not the game and not the company).
- added Sterling L2A4 (silenced) (model is a modification of the Sterling L2A3).
- added Makarov PM pistol for the NVA by Fearfisch/Meltdown.
- added a new Remington 870 model by Twinke.Masta/Flamshmizer/Geno.
- added a new model for the PPSh-41 by Dav0r/celica. Named in the game as Type 50 (the chinese replica of the PPSh-41) and made a new 35 bullets magazine.
- added the L2A1, a support version of the L1A1 SLR, for the ANZAC. The model is the Schmung´s L1A1 modified.
- complete new damage system (and it´s not a little thing). Each caliber will have it´s proper damage and each weapon has it´s proper caliber.
- splited the ARVN in two factions: ARVN "Earlyer" (with old US WW2 weapons, for the earlyer Vietnam War maps) and ARVN "Later" (better equiped, for the later maps);
- splited the VC in two factions: VC "Earlyer" (with old URSS WW2 weapons and poor equiped, for the earlyer Vietnam War maps) and VC "Later" (with better weapons and equipment).  
- splited the US Special Forces in 3 different factions: MACV/SOG, Navy Seals and Airbourne.
- new textures for the Navy Seals.
- removed the Carl Gustav model by Pete/Flakk. Replace for a new one (free custom model for CS by Claidheamh converted for BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added Ithaca model 37 shotgun (with duckbill) for the Navy Seals. Model by Der Meister; Texture/Mapping by Odanan.
- added Redeye Portable Anti-Air for the US/ARVN. Model by Odanan/Deir Meister; Texture by Odanan (based on Dice´s SA7 model and texture). 
- added M20 Super Bazooka for a new US Anti-Tank class. Model by Odanan/Deir Meister; Mapping by Odanan, based on the bazooka from the BFV WW2 Mod/BF1942.
- added the small CAR-15 Survival Rifle. In latter updates it will be one of the few kits to get the parachute.
- added 38 revolver for a new and worst equiped faction: Earlyer Vietcong. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s 44 magnum.
- added US Time Bomb for the US Special Ops class. Model by Odanan, based on Dice´s models.
- added the Howitzer artillery for the US/ARVN. Model and texture by Odanan based on Dice´s models.
- added Winchester mod 70 sniper rifle for US Marines. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s M40.
- added a "bamboo" knife for the Vietcong. Model by Deir Meister; Mapping and texture by Odanan.
- added the US Navy Underwater knife, for the Navy Seals. Model by Deir Meister; Mapping and texture by Odanan. 
- added the vietnamese smg K-50. It is made (like the real one) with parts of the PPSh-41 and the MAT-49.
- added new menu overlays for the Navy Seals soldiers.
- added new textures for the Navy Seals weapons (M40 and M21).
- closed the hatch of the M113 and Onthos to protect drivers against small arms.
- about maps: because of the increased complexity of the mod, some maps of the older versions now are too laggy, so they was removed from 0.30. If you have the old versions of the game, you still can play these maps (Hamburger Hill, Operation Starlight, La Palude Notte Redux). Also removed the Radio Nguyen (waiting for CO-OP support). 
- new maps:
	.Jungle Ghosts (the SAS in a map with no control points hunting the VC tunnels), by RussianComrad.
	.Defending the Port (staring the Navy Seals. They need to defend a port against a brutal amphibious/armored NVA assault), by RussianComrad/Toucinator.
	.Long Tan (new version), by RussianComrad (now historical accurated: the aussies in their most famous battle in Vietnam).
	.A Walk in The Light Green, by RussianComrad/Toucinator (the ANZAC in a remake of the old Battle of Long Tan).
	.Operation FUBAR, by RussianComrad/Toucinator.
- custom maps still in the mod:
	.Danh To Crossing.
	.Ky Hoang Thunder.
	.Marshland Patrol.	

version 0.22 (released october, 2006)

- BUG fixed: the grenade launched by vehicles (Cobra, Huey, etc.) in Arsenal with EOD now explodes.
- added the L1A1 SLR, the weapon of choice for the ANZAC (free custom model by Schmung and texture by Stoke converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added several versions of L1A1: the standard semiauto, the full-auto, the "carbine" and with grenade launcher. 
- added the real CAR-15 model, an earlier version of the M-16 for the ARNV.
- added the M1 Carbine for the ARVN Engineer (differs from the M2 Carbine only in the magazine and code).
- equalized some damage.
- added the japanese light machinegun Type 99 (model and texture from the WW2 mod). It was sometimes found with the Vietcong in the begining of the war. 
- added the australian submachinegun F1 (model uses textures from the L1A1 and the Carl Gustav).
- added two new factions: the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealander Army) and the ANZAC SAS (Special Forces). Added all the flags, menu icons, names, insignias and new textures.
- started a partnership with RussianComrad ([email protected]). His work and judgment will affect a lot the mod in the next update.
- texture and model from PPSh and texture from AK-47 edited by russian_comrade.
- added the chinese Type 63 semiauto rifle. Replaced the PPSh 41 for the NVA engineer (more balanced kit now).
- added the MAC-10 machine-pistol (free custom model by DC and texture by Sixshooter converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan) for the US Special Forces..
- added the Silenced Carl Gustav M/45 ("Swedish K") for the US Special Forces.
- removed the Colt Commando (it is probaly the same weapon as XM-177).
- added the Sten MKII for the ANZAC (to be replaced by the Owen smg). Sten MKIIS (Silenced) is also available - recomended for the SAS (to be replaced by the Sterling). Model (modified), texture and sounds from Secret Weapons expansion for the BF1942. Custom animations for fitting the BFV engine.
- added the Bren lmg for the earlyer ANZAC supports. Model, texture and sounds from Secret Weapons expansion for the BF1942. Custom animations for fitting the BFV engine.
- added new maps (all with bot/singleplayer support):
	.the exclusive Battle of Long Tan by RussianComrad and toucinator, featuring the ANZAC RAR.
	.Marshland Patrol, by a great and perfecionist mapper: The Dark Lord ([email protected]). Edited: replaced US soldiers by ANZAC SAS. 
	.Hamburger Hill, by The Dark Lord ([email protected]).
	.Operation Starlight, another impressive job by The Dark Lord ([email protected]).

version 0.21 (released september, 2006)

- as promissed, made a REVIEW to all vehicles. More realistic loadout, physics and armament.
- increased damage of all heavy machineguns.
- downgraded the speed of the handweapon´s projectiles.
- FIXED: game instability in maps with the US Special Forces (bug with the XM177/XM148 grenade launcher). 
- made some changes on the kits.
- added the Colt Commando (a shortened version of the XM177) for the Special Forces AT.
- changed vehicles spawn in the map Dahn To Crossing. Prepare to meet the russian heavy tank T72 and other uncommon vehicles in one single map.
- added a new background screen by Furipe ([email protected]). 
- added the shovel (used to move tunnels) for the VC/NVA Sappers.
- general optimization on the code.

version 0.2 (released august, 2006)

- fixed/changed the Flare Gun and the Blowtorch effects and damage.
- now the Blowtorch can be used as a weapon against infantry.
- added the M14A1 automatic rifle for the US Marines (alternative Support class).
- added the M14 in full automatic mode for the US Marines riflemen. In maps before 1969, Marines have the M14 instead the M16. 
- downgraded the fire power and precision of the M14, for balance.
- minor editing on the AK-47 and Type 56 (AKMS) models and icons.
- upgraded the damage of the AT weapons.
- now each kit has its own speed, acording to the weight of the weapons.
- added the Remington 870 shotgun (model and texture by Odanan/Dice).
- added the M2-2 Flamethrower (model and texture from the oficial WW2 mod). It replaces the Mortar in maps with tunnels.  
- testing a new "Artillery Call" for the Recon/Scout. Maybe it is ready for the next version. >:D
- now the Special Forces Grenadier can choose to use the XM-177 without the grenade launcher (and enjoy the zoom).
- linked the two kind of M79 ammo (no more 2 shoots without reloading!).
- edited/fixed some weapon icons.
- new texture for the M79 grenade launcher (by Odanan/Dice). Minor editing on the M79 model.
- improved AI.
- added (finally) the PPSh for the VC (free custom model by Cheetos and texture by Anderson converted to the BF Vietnam and HEAVYLY modified by Odanan). My first steps in editing the animations.
- added the green smoke grenade. 
- added more messages and multi-language support in the lexiconAll.dat.
- added an outstanding new mod launcher made by Sergio Aschar ([email protected]). No more need of .bat files. :)
- FIXED: menu icons of the custom weapons looking bad on the low video configurations.
- FIXED: missing shadows in the custom models.
- map support:
	.added the names of several custom levels on the lexiconAll.dat.
	.fixed bot names on the custom maps Death River and Last Light.
	.added Coop/Single Player/Bot support by Hamburger Hill for the official level Saigon 1968 (and replaced the US Marines for the US Army).
	.added Coop/Single Player/Bot support by Sgt Pete ([email protected]) for the oficial level Defense of Con Thien. 
	.added Coop/Single Player/Bot support by William Murphy ([email protected]) for the oficial level Operation Ceddar Falls.
	.added Coop/Single Player/Bot support by ? (?) for the oficial level Fall of Saigon. 
- got authorization to include some of the best custom levels in the mod. All of them, except Radio Nguyen, have support for singleplayer/bot.
	.Danh To Crossing, by Robert Flood ([email protected]);
	.Radio Nguyen, by Robert Flood ([email protected]);
	.La Palude Notte Redux, by Edoardo '=AB=EDO' Ammannati ([email protected]);
	.The Bridge Redux, by Edoardo '=AB=EDO' Ammannati ([email protected]);
	.Ky Hoang Thunder, by Yellow Smoke ([email protected]);

version 0.14 (released july, 2006)

- added the SKS with scope for the VC and the NVA.
- balanced the sniper weapons (recoil and precision).
- balanced the VC and NVA kits.
- changed again the score settings.
- added the Ammopack for all the Support classes (model, code and animations by Odanan/Dice).
- added the (real) Booby Trap for the VC (model, texture, code and animation by Odanan/Dice). Check out the cool animation! 
- added the M1 Garand with scope for the ARVN Recon (model and texture from the oficial WW2 mod).
- added the M79 Buckshot, a deadly shotgun-like ammo for the US/ARVN Grenadier.
- new improvements on the AI.
- added the M2 Carbine for the ARVN (free custom model and texture by 2Krauts/Groene/Grizzel converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the M26 grenade for the US riflemen (free custom model and texture of a M61 Grenade for Counter Strike, by TS Team/The Expert, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the Carl Gustav M/45 submachinegun for the US Special Forces (free custom model and texture for Counter Strike, by Flakk/Pete, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- added the M3A1 Greasegun submachinegun for the US Army (free custom model and texture for Counter Strike, by Nomad/Splinter, converted to the BF Vietnam by Odanan).
- changed the round of fire of every hand weapon, based on the real ones. 
- minor adjustments on the TT33 model (to look like the real weapon).

version 0.13 (released june, 2006)

- now you can play Arsenal with some of the best mods for BF Vietnam: "Eve of Destruction", "BattleGroup Vietnam" and "Recruit Snyder´s Vietnam"! Just choose what mod to work with in the Start Menu\Programs\Games\Battlefield Vietnam ARSENAL or in your Battlefield Vietnam\mods\BfV_Arsenal.
- changed the menu music - it will play "Paint in Black" by The Rolling Stones (all rights acknowleged).  
- added new Claymore trap for the US/ARVN sniper.
- more changes on the kits to simulate the real ones.
- added new effect for the flaregun and now you can actually kill someone with it.
- added the old BAR 1918 for the ARVN support (model and texture from the oficial WW2 mod).
- improvements on the AI. Bots are supposed to use now medikits, wrenchs and binoculars.
- fixed several wrong messages on the lexiconAll.dat.
- changed the score settings to value life and strategy ("I don´t wanna dye!").

version 0.12 (released may, 2006)

- changed the damage of some weapons.
- new icon made for the mod. :)
- new tweakings on the kits.
- added compability with the Road To Victory map pack.
- M16 with scope now is automatic.
- added a new lexiconAll.dat.
- added red, purple and white smoke grenades.
- added the Flaregun (still working on the effect).

version 0.11 (released april, 2006)

- added the Thompson smg for the US Marines (model and texture from the oficial WW2 mod). 
- added the M/91 rifle without scope for the VC.
- remake on most of the kits.

version 0.1 (released october, 2005)

- changed magasine ammo of M-14 and m-21 from 10 to 20.
- changed magasine ammo of mossberg from 6 to 7.
- added blood FX.
- changed most of the kits.
- added 3p view for infantry.
- decreased the hitpoints from 30 to 20 (starting) and 23 (maximum). This will make the damage more realistic.
- changed precision of most weapons.
- removed crosshair from sniper rifles.
- added support for several custom maps.
- the american/south vietnamese kits are stronger, so it´s recomended to run maps in the 2/3 ratio (for each 2 american/south vietnamese there are 3 vietcong).
- compatible with BF Vietnam version 1.1 or newer.

Needed to the mod:
- a Stoner M63A LMG model for the US Special Forces Support.
- a Madsen M/50 smg model.
- a model for Springfield sniper rifle. 
- a model for the .30 cal machinegun.
- an Owen SMG model (and - the hard part - animations) for the ANZAC.
- voices in australian english for the ANZAC.
- a new faction: Chinese People's Liberation Army (with voices in chinese).
- 2 new factions: north and south corean (with voices)

Secrecy Productions Copyright:

Authors may not NOT use this mod as a base to build additional mods without permission. This mod may NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written permission. 

You MAY distribute this mod through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave all files intact.

Arsenal Team:
Odanan ([email protected]) - founder, leader, main coder, main modeler, main graphic artist.
RussianComrad ([email protected]) - main mapper, coder, modeler, graphic artist.
Toucinator (no e-mail) - mapper.
Deir_Meister ([email protected]) - modeler.

Arsenal Collaborators:
Eletric_Eye ([email protected]) - mod tools and launcher programming.
Furipe ([email protected]) - the new background screen.

Special thanks to:
- Dudu10Brasil, LordLemos and the guys from www.bfcentral.com.br for all the support.
- Robert Flood ([email protected]), AB=EDO ([email protected]), Sgt Pete ([email protected]), YellowSmoke ([email protected]) and The Dark Lord ([email protected]) for their excellent custom levels.
- Camel, =AB=EDO and PetOOns for some translations (to german, italian and french).
- nebotnebot ([email protected]) for support, test and ideas.
- http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins for its great collection of custom and free models.
- Sebastian Schneider, Tyler Williams, Jonathan Holmes, Shane Thompson, Jack Hooker and other guys form the "Arsenal Newsletter group", for stimulating the mod to keep alive.

Betatesters and Bug Report:
If you find any bug, take note of all the situation (running map, class, weapon, game with or without bots, game with or without other players, internet or lan game, etc.) and send to the e-mail: [email protected]

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