BattleGroup42 For BFV: Pacific Client File

The full client installer for the Battlegroup42 for BFV: Pacific.


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The full client installer for the Battlegroup42 for BFV: Pacific.

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# Maps include Midway, Coral Sea, Gavutu, Angaur, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima Tunnels, Tarawa, Peleliu and Philippines Liberation.
# 3D ironsights on small-arms.
# New US small-arms including the Grease Gun, M1 Carbine and deployable Browning HMG.
# New Japanese small-arms including the Katana sword, Arisaka, MP18 and deployable Woodpecker HMG.
# New US vehicles including M3 Stuart light tank, Sherman Ronson flamethrower tank, LVT4 amtrac, LVT(A)1 amphibious tank, M3 Scout car, M50 Quad 50cal, M16 mobile quad 50cal, M3 tank destroyer, Long Tom coastal defence gun, Jimmy truck, open topped M3A1 halftrack with sidemount 30cals.
# New Japanese vehicles including Ha-Go light tank, Ho-Ni tank destroyer, Te-Ke tankette, 8inch coastal defence gun, Ho-Ki personnel carrier, Isuzu truck.
# New aircraft including F4F-3 Wildcat, rocket firing P-38 Lightning, B5N Kate and G4M Betty.
# Also napalm-carrying Corsair on Iwo Jima (one of the first combat uses of the bomb).
# New ships including the Essex and Taiho.
# New effects including vehicle exhausts, tank flamethrower, vehicle headlights on night maps, breath condensation on cold maps, smoke grenades, smoke columns from burning vehicles, and dogfighting smoke trails.

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