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ok here is one of the first mod that iintroduces new guns an modafacitions tot he world of BF:V the readme contains all modafications


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ok here is one of the first mod that iintroduces new guns an modafacitions tot he world of BF:V the readme contains all modafications

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\\\  Hello soldiers. This mod might flex your machine.

\\\  Welcome to BattleField Destrucktion 0.2

	Installation -

Place BFDestrucktion Folder into the mod directory within the 		Battlefield Vietnam program folder.

	Removal -

Delete BFDestrucktion Folder from the mod directory within the 	Battlefield Vietnam program folder.

	I am not responsible for -

Any damage caused to your computer, your person, or that you may cause to other persons by using this mod.

	About this mod -

Created for version 1.0 of retail Battlefield Vietnam

Modifies singleplayer games - Tested - Works
Modifies Multiplayer games - Untested - Unknown

Custom multiplayer music

New futuristic allied weapon sounds

New custom made menu music/graphics

3rd person view for ground troops (use the F9 through F12 and C keys for views).

The radio can be left on after exiting some vehicles (tango, US jeep, NV jeep).

Plays my favorite song automatically when you turn on the tango. :)

Bombers have carpet bomb ability.

Many land/sea vehicles have speed/munitions increases.

Speed dependent on army and type of kit chosen.

Allied troops have new experimental weapons (NV have faster engineers, with more traps to compensate).

Some Engineers can lay more traps.

Magazine increase for almost all weapons.

Damage increase for some weapons.

Includes a few custom unfinished conquest multiplayer maps : USE MAPS AT YOUR OWN RISK

Since I just got more ram my machine can open these levels, but before I got my ram the levels would take 5 mins or longer to open and had caused lock-ups and crashes.  I have a Radeon 9600XT, 2.40 ghz p4 with XP home. I had 512 ram, and now have a gig.

	Experimental Weapons -

Flare Gun - Standard issue for all assault troops. Original game Devs already had it made but not working, took me a good few hours to get it working right.

Agent Orange -  Explosive agent orange ammunitions for allied M19 (only included with allied recon and assault).
Works even when wet!

M16Se - Heavy ordnance sniper gun. Fires lethal 5 round burst of heavy explosive ammunitions. Carrier is very slow as drawback, but its the perfect anti- anything weapon.

M40 - Allied gun fires single round explosive munitions.

M19 - Automatic pistol.

M16 - Anti Aircraft nanoshells.  A huge clip for this gun, it fires tiny nano-flak munitions with a big blast for aircraft.

Flamethrower - Thrown in last minute for good measure. This might give the NV a tiny bit of leverage. (at least in close combat)

Modders Note:

Special Thanks to the BattleField community for their forums and files, and to all the other modders who came be4 me.

This is my first public released mod, and also my first ever for the Battlefield Series. It took three days to make and I hope you all enjoy it.

Im not finished fine tuning everything I added but I think it would be fun to get feedback.  Maybe a really good modder will check it out and help me with some of the things I couldn't get to work right.

Plz! Do not steal my menu background movie or my music.  These are things I made outside of this mod and may use in other projects.
Otherwise you can use anything else from this mod for your own mod if you want. Such as weapons, effects, etc.. Credit would be nice.

When I started 3 days ago I wanted to make BF2029, with new hovercraft
and large hovering battleships. New futuristic skins,levels, etc.  It will probably take me a long time to get it to that point, but this is the weapon modification foundation for the allies.  Since my game handle is Destrucktion_XL  I found the mod name to be fitting, especially since It has very destrucktive weapons. :) 

Many will probably say this mod throws the balance even further out of whack, but that all depends up to the players anyhow.  Remember that NV can also steal US weapons.

The next version of this mod will probably have vast changes for the NV side  as it is mostly geared toward ally improved weapons/vehicles.

Finally, a very special thanks to EA and DICE for the whole BattleField series.
It is a wonderful and beautiful game series I could talk forever about and I have only had the series for a few weeks. I just bought all the 1942 games after buying vietnam and I am in luv with 1942 also! (Yeah, Im a noob, and proud of that too!)


[email protected]

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