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The BFC3 Vietnam Client allows you to remotly connect to the BFCC Server Client. This, in turn, allows you to remotly administrate your BFV server. It has a bunch of neat features, such as Map Changing, Warning, Kicking, Banning and more, all at a keystroke. It works best while playing on your server, seeing you do not have to minimise BFV while you are playing to administate your server.



BFVCC Server Manager & BFVC3 Client Readme File

version 1.00_A Beta

Product Inquiries: [email protected]
Support Inquiries: [email protected]

These programs are designed to work with Battlefield Vietnam for PC CD. http://www.BFCommandControl.com or BDSoft .Inc is in no way affiliated with DICE/EA or the development of the Battlefield franchise. 

About BFVCC Server Manager and BFVC3 Client:
The BFVCommand & Control applications (BFVCC & BFVC3) are designed to work together as a client/server application. They communicate with each other and your Battlefield Vietnam server to setup, run and administrate your BFV game server. The BFVCC Server Manager allows you to setup and run your BFV server, it also performs auto-administration functions and allows the main server administrator to setup remote admin accounts for his users. The remote users access levels can be restricted by the main administrator and the remote administrator¡¦s actions are also logged by the server manager. The remote administrators can warn/kick/ban, change maps, send messages to the server, and reset the BFV server (writing permanent changes to maps/mods etc.). The BFVCC has a database and keeps track of all warns/kicks/bans. There is also a scheduling section that will automatically reset the BFV server at a specific time, with a specific settings profile. The main administrator can also run queries (by player name or administrator name) on all of the warns/kicks/bans. The BFVCC also has integrated email and chat to make communicating with the remote users, and updating them with server information or changes, a breeze.  Be sure to check http://www.BFCommandControl.com often for the latest updates and feature additions. Stop by our forums and check out our educational flash product demonstrations.

The BFVCC Server Manager has a HELP Tab that will automatically updates itself from the internet with the most current documentation. Please refer to this area for documentation. (Press F5 to refresh the integrated browser) Similarly, the BFVC3 client has a HELP Button in the Options Tab. This button will open up your web browser to the most current documentation for the client application. Please be sure to check out www.BFCommandControl.com for flash product demonstrations and flash instructional videos that will teach you how to setup your BFV server with the BFCommand & Control applications.

Release Notes:


Custom Combat
The Custom Combat game mode is not supported in this release. Rather than release a version that didn¡¦t work correctly, we would wait until we could fully test the Custom Combat options and make sure we could effectively implement the Custom Combat feature set. Please be sure to check the www.BFCommandControl.com website for product updates. We expect to have this feature fully implemented by the time BFV hits the shelves.

We recommend that you run your BFV server on XP, Win2k Server, or WinServer 2003.

The HIDE/SHOW & Resize Buttons (BFVCC) on the SERVER MANAGER tab might not ALWAYS work correctly. This is due to the way that Windows handles theBFV Server window. To restore this functionality, use the ¡§BFV_Server „³ Grab BFV Server Window¡¨ menu

The hotkeys (BFVC3) may not work on Win98/WinME systems. This is an issue with the way that the keyboard buffer is handled in these operating systems. As a solution, we are integrating Voice Recognition into the BFVC3 client. Check our website for more information.

Thanks & Recognition
BFCommand & Control and BDSoft Inc. would like to thank DICE & Electronic Arts for creating a great product for us to create the BFCommand & Control software around. We appreciate all the hard work from the game programmers, producers and anyone else involved in the development process.

BFCommand and Control Credits:

Brandon Davids
Programmer/Software Developer

Harrison Wiener
Business Development

Ravikumar Raghunathan
Programmer/Software Developer

Ron Barone
Programmer/Software Developer

Chris Cole
Software Design & Testing

Tomas Maradi
Web Design and Programming

Nathan Febuary
Graphics Design/Web Design

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy creating it.

Thanks to all of our faithful customers and Beta Testers,

The BFCommand & Control crew and BDSoft Inc.

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