BFV Bravo Mappack

Here's another BFV mappack for vanilla BFV. It comes with full bot support as always. Comes with 5 maps, screenshots are included in folder.


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Here's another BFV mappack for vanilla BFV. It comes with full bot support as always. Comes with 5 maps, screenshots are included in folder.

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Download '' (15.78MB)


Copy (or cut) the map files into your %:\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels directory.

These maps work in:
Single Player

- You may get oddly coloured shadows. Just turn shadows off. Or leave em on for a different experience, up to you.
- Naturally, bots behave badly. Especially in the urban maps (they run through walls, run off into the danger zone etc)
but this doesn't mean they'll take it easy on you.
- These maps are ficticious and do not depict any conflict or event that has come to pass in our history. 


OK, onto the good stuff...

Number of maps: 5
1. Provina Jungles
2. Operation Green Inferno
3. Hue Outskirts
4. Dahn To Street
5. Nguyen Slums

-------PROVINA JUNGLES--------
  (US Marines vs Viet Cong)

Number of control points: 5
River (US)
River Huts (VC)
Ridge (VC)
Wreck (VC)
VC Base (VC)

Number of Vehicles: 2
1x M46
1x Stationary M60

A thick jungles smears the immediate facility in vegetation, leaving little room for
vehicular use. The marines start off with a ticket bleed and have to fight their way
across the map to gain at least 1 control point to stop the bleeding. Mobile spawn will
become available after some time has expired.

     (US Marines vs Viet Cong)

Number of control points: 8
Plateau (US)
Airstrip (US)
Ridge (Neutral)
River Huts (US)
River Bend (VC)
VC Depot (VC)
VC Outpost (VC)
VC Base (VC)

Number of Vehicles: 11+ 
1x T54
1x AC-47 Gunship
1x Huey gunship
1x Huey transport
1x Mi8
1x M110
1x BM21
1x M46
2x Stationary M60
1x Patton

The cleansing of Provina has escalated into a full embroiled battle raging into the night. US marines
now have access to vehicles, as do the Viet Cong. Different vehicles will spawn at certain control points
depending on which team is in command of them.

------HUE OUTSKIRTS--------
     (US Army vs NVA)

Number of control points: 4
Appartments (US)
Market (NVA)
Farmhouse (NVA)
Hue Outskirts (NVA)

Number of Vehicles: 17
1x Sheridan
2x Patton
1x Huey gunship
1x Huey transport
1x Mi8
1x KA25
1x BM21
1x T72
1x T54
1x ZSU
1x M110
1x M46
4x Stationary M60

US army is attempting to weaken the NVA forces attacking Hue by attacking the outskirts of the ancient city.
The vast open fields dotted with trees will provide hectic sniper fights, but the fighting will be 
concentrated on the road that leads through the outer market places into the outskirts of Hue.
Both sides have access to many weapons of war and both are determined to win through the day.
Some vehicles may take longer to spawn or respawn.

-------DAHN TO STREET--------
       (ARVN vs NVA)

Number of control points: 3
RUins (US)
Palace (NVA)
Street (Neutral)

Number of Vehicles: 2
2x Stationary M60

A wide rubble strewn street that holds the key to conquering the bombed out city for anyone
who can take this area. Both sides will have to fight through each other in bitter street fighting, or may take to the windows
and rooftops for some sniping action. Whoever controls the street will force a ticket bleed for the opposing team.

-------NGUYEN SLUMS--------
 (Special Forces vs Viet Cong)

Number of control points: 5
Crash Site (US)
West Road (VC)
East Street (VC)
South Road (VC)
Second Crash Site (VC)

Number of Vehicles: 5
2x BM21 Transport
1x Stationary M60
2x UAZ

A chinook has been brought down by hostile fire. The helicopter made an emergency landing in
a large open courtyard of this ruined city. The survivors of the crash must now fight off the VC
who are quickly converging on the crash site. Shooters may appear anyway, even at windows.
If the special forces are quick enough, they may be able to commandeer enemy vehicles that have been parked 
near the crash site. 

Previous files by Grenademan:
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Coming Soon: AI Enhancement mod for BFV and BF42.

Have fun!

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