BFV Lost Village Conquest/SP/Co-op

211220-161793-BFV_LostVillage Conquest + sp+coop.zip


This is   a converted Battlefield 1942 mod map for Desert Combat.   The   download contains  the multiplayer only version plus the SP + Co-op add on  as well as  the files required to convert  the mod versions of Lost Village  for POE, SNY and IG mods.  For those you will require the  multiplayer only versions which I think come with the mod maps that you get with those mods.

The SP/Co-op addon is readily available  from various download sites, but the required  multiplayer version of the map has been missing for   several years. Thankfully I found a backed up copy on one of my 17 year old back ups from when I played BFV  regularly.  

I though it would be a good idea to package  both files together so that you can play the map in all three modes without having to search for required files (unsuccessfully)



BFV_Lost_Village Conquest,SP & COOP   (original Conquest map by 3ntropy;  SP+COOP add-on by Hamburger Hill)

To be able to play all three modes you need to install the original MP map and the  SP/Coop addon. See details of the file names below.  The installation path is usually 

C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BFVietnam\Archives\BFVietnam\Levels\

Some custom executables install to the Program Files instead of the Program Files (x86) folder; aklso, you can select to install to  anywhere else you care to install to; especially if you have multiple drives on your computer. 

You can even play the game via Steam by adding the game to you Steam library via the drop down menu  i.e. click on the  Games  button along the top of the client; then, from the drop down menu select 'add a non Steam game to my library'.  This opens a small window that lists all the non Steam files that can be added to the libary.  Search through the list, once it's stopped scanning then check the box next to the battlefield Vietnam entry.  Once completed you can play the game via your Steam client.

1) ... Battlefield Vietnam Vanilla Installation v1.21
2) ... SP/Coop addon for Lost Village
3) ... MP_Maps "lost_village

Multiplayer onlyrequirements:
File name:  BFV_LostVillage
file size:  51.1MB (53.608,448bytes)

Singleplayer and Coop requirements:
File name:  BFV_LostVillage
file size:  51.1MB (53.608,448bytes)
File name:  BFV_LostVillage_999.rfa
file size:  41.6MB  (43,646,976bytes)

Map Information:
The US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group ie. MACV-SOG start in the South with a lake seperating them from the lost village; which is a stronghold of the Viet Cong.  The US initially hold only one CP in the south. The VC hold six cp's scattered throughout the village. The furthest southern cp is the most difficult to capture. The US will bleed tickets until they have captured at least three of the  CP's, the one to the NW of the factory is the easiest to capture initially.   The village  is like a maze and it's difficult to locate most of the CP's unless you obesrve them from the air first.  The US   have  three Hueys and two little birds to fly  forces over to the  village, where they can parachute out into  the surrounding areas.  If you  set your bots to greater than 16v16 most of the  US forces will swim across the lake rather than using the choppers.  The VC mainly  spawn at the furthest south eatern CP, which expalins why it's so difficult to capture that particular CP.  I've not tried it in coop yet, but once I've set up a dedicated server, which I intend doing by Christmas 2022,  I will get my friends to help capture this CP.  So far I've failed miserably partly becasue the US rapidly bleed a lot of tickets at the start and middle game until you can secure the three CP's in the Village.  Also, once you've captured  a couple of CP's watch out for the VC swimming over to your main  base  as once they capture that they will have choppers to help them.
This is a decent map that has been unavailable for a long time simply because the multiplayer part of the  map has been missing from all of the download sites that I know of; so, the add-on would crash as soon as the map started to load; you'd only ever see the initial loading screen
I've tried to contact Hamburger Hill unsucessfully, who created the add on pack, so  haven't been able to seek permission to  include both the original map file by 3ntropy and Hamburger hills SP/coop addon.  It's been  eighteen years since the release of this game, so I'm hoping that both   authors of these  files will forgive me for posting them together.  I've added lots of screen captures and   tried to give  a little information about the map to the community.
If the original authors ever see this  let me know if uit is okay to keep this  set together.  If not I'll upload the  multipler version by 3ntropy seperately.  I thought it best to keep the files together for completeness and  more importantly for those who prefer  solo or cooperative game play.

p.s. you can download Hamburger Hills  SP/Coop addon (BFV_LostVillage sp+coop add on) that also includes addon versions for  both the PoE and SNK mods  seperaterly  via  the following link:

Game Banana:  https://gamebanana.com/mods/140922

The PoE SP/Coop addon versions file name is:  BFV_LostVillage_797
The SNY SP/Coop addon versions file name is:  BFV_LostVillage_696
The Invasion of Gotland versions file name is: BFV_LostVillage_001

I've packaged all of these SP/Coop addons with this download, but not the MP versions for each of the three mods (PoE, SNY and Invasion of Gotland mods) only the vanilla version.  I haven't reinstalled any of those mods in years, but will check when I have time and  upload them if necessary; though I suspect they come already installed once you install the actual mods, so adding the appropriate addon file from the list I've detailed above should convert each of the  conquest only maps to SP and Coop.  Yeah!

You can also get  an add-on  that includes BFV Lost Village and Gazala  for the Invasion of Gotland mod via Gamefront:


Just for completness I'll probably upload  the Lost Village + Gazalla addon for Vanilla/POE & SNY  by hamburger Hill  (though they are already included in this  package) to Gamefront when I have time. Things are really manic at the moment.

Other Sources for maps:
You'll find a selection of  BFV  maps on the following   archive sites:
Planet Battlefield
GAU Games
Game Banana 

plus BF-GAMES.NET that links to   some of the   download sites I'ver listed above, and you can sometimes find downloads for various custom BFV maps  that are included in the map rotation for some of the Battlefield  Vietnam  servers that are still running via GameServers.com and/or gametracker.com).   I'm sure there ar eother independent  sources  for  most BFV maps and mods. 

If you can't find a particular map on Gamefront or other sites  that  you want or know off, I may have it in my old backups. There are a some missing  from my collection becasue  the external drive they were  backed up on was dropped by one of my kids    several years ago and was no longer accessible.  
 You can email me on [email protected]  to ask.   I've had  most of  the backups for 17 years and will keep them until  I'm no longer here as Battlefield Vietnam is among my favorite shooters.

regards Whiterabbit aka Stephen

 Have fun with the machine_gun, Hamburger Hill

The read me detailed with the download  and the File Description are  not  the same as the ones packaged with the  download.  I had to edit the read me  and remove the modded versions of Lost Village for  the POE, SNY and IG versions because the file was too large to upload.  However I have given alternative download links for all three modded versions.   The links only point to the  SP/Coop addons, and not the full maps. The  main map  files (conquest only versions) should be included with their respective mods.

There is another version of Lost Village available called Ghost Village, which was modded by EDO and  is a night version of the map.  Unlike this version, the  map is a single download and includes all three modes i.e. Conquest, SP & Coop and the  buildings have been changed to reflect a more Vietnam based map plus  there are lots more objects  placed within buildings and  scattered around the map.  Also, the AI has been improved, with  fewer bots standing around when you  increase the number of bots within the map.  (I was playing with  64 bots in coop initially  and most  tended to  stand around; reducing this number to  a more manageable 32 or less  and increasing the Bot A.I. to maximum saw fewer bots hanging around (strains of the Stranglers in my head) and led to a more satisfying battle  

You can find Ghost Village  on Game Banana

I have tried to contact  the original  authors of these  maps and add-ons, but never received any replies from them.