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A useful tool for changing the music in the game, i haven't used it yet, only because i havent got any music to use :eek:



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A useful tool for changing the music in the game, i haven't used it yet, only because i havent got any music to use :eek:


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Download '' (38.91MB)

I found this program while surfing the net, and since I love to mess with
audio, I found this to be the perfect tool to have fun with. This program
Was written by the 24th MID crew (no affiliation with me, not that it would
be a bad thing)

3 things are in this .zip file

1: The read me (you are currently reading it)
2: The tool to change the files (requires installation....piece of cake)
3: The music file I created (you can make your own, its just a little bit
more invloved than most people want to get in to. But feel free)

The 3 main programs I used to create the audio file(s) are: (IN NO ORDER)
Creative Wave studio
Sony Soundforge 7
I used these 3 cuz each program has its own strengths (and weakness)

Since I enjoy messing with audio files, and have used this tool, I will tell
you how it works (briefly....Its not hard)

This tool is used to replace the IN-GAME music that you hear while
using vehicles (the radio button 0 [zero] ).

You want to open this program (BFV Music Patcher)
Click the button that says "Backup originals (vietnam)"
Do the same with "Backup originals (WWII)" If you have the WWII mod installed,
otherwise, skip it.


I use BFV 1.21 at the time this was written (1-12-05).

I included a music file with this program that you can use (rock.mrfa).
In the patcher program, click browse to locate the "rock.mrfa" file
then click "apply the music patch" button.
this process will take a few minutes or less, then it will tell you
the patch is done.

Now, when you play BFV, you will have a new list of music to pick from.
This isnt like putting your own music files into the "My music" folder in the
game, this changes the main music selection.
Other people that dont have this music file will hear their default
music list, while you will hear this new list. When others play a song from
their list, you will hear your new list of music.

ie: Fortunate Son is the default song for the "A" key
but this new file is Disturbed for the "A" key

They will hear fortunate son, but you will hear disturbed, and vice versey.

The song list I made IS NOT vietnam era music, cuz I got bored with it.
(Im the one who was making all the Menu music...The doors,zeppelin, rolling
stones, etc..) But I think It rocks just fine this way.
I like rockin while playing, and I hope you like the selection.

16 songs laid out like this:

Disturbed - Dropping Plates
Chevelle - The Red
AC DC - Gone shootin'
Aerosmith - Sweet emotion
Disturbed - Prayer
Flotsam & Jetsam - Monster
Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar
Megadeth - No more mr nice guy <-----------Great remake of Alice Cooper
Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod
Corrosion Of Conformity - Clean my wounds
Pantera - Cowboys from hell
Prong - Snap your fingers, Snap your neck
Rage against the machine - Killing in the name of
Rob Zombie - Superbeast
White Zombie - More human than human
Starland vocal band - Afternoon delight

Afternoon delight is there because I was watching Anchorman, and I laughed
my ass off when they were singing it.

I hope you like it, but if you dont, just use the &quot;Restore originals&quot; button
in the BFV Patcher program and you will be back to defaults.

This music change does NOT affect punkbuster.

Any questions about the use of the BFV patcher should be directed to
the Author (

Props to the people who wrote this utility - 24th MID @

rock.mrfa file written, compressed, decompressed, filtered, converted,
and otherwise ruined by Mïcrösöül°V³.

also, please dont complain about the style of music. If you dont like it,
just dont download it or use it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

These songs sound good on my setup. I use EAX 7.1 surround ( cuz i have
7.1 surround speakers :P)

Have fun

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