BFV SP Map-pack



Here is another map pack designed for your single player gaming pleasure. It contains three maps, all of which work in SP/CO-OP. Enjoy, and keep the game alive!

Skies of Vietnam - Medium map. Both sides have 4 aircraft. This map has 3 control points to be captured. It is recommended that you set number the number of bots to 8.

Pushthrough - Medium map. Both sides have plenty of armor. This map has 4 control points to be captured. The visibility on this map is very low. If you don't like it open this lvl file with winrfa, then open init.con and change the fogend to something bigger.

Three Streets - Small map. Americans have one Jeep (M.U.T.T.) and the Viet Cong have s BTR. Three control points on this map, all of them can be captured. There is a problem on this map where there is one unwanted spawn point which the maker doesn't know how to fix. If you know how, please be helpful and give them some advice.

All maps work in BFV Arsenal.



To install extract all three rars and place the .rfa files to the bfv levels dirctory.

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