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0.35 Patch Release ... Bushwar is proud to announce the 0.35 patch to our 0.3 release. This includes several new vehicles and skins. It features the new map, Battle for the Cunzumba Bridge, by TaZ, a new Casspir with an opening rear door, the Kraal map by Ghost, and some vehicles in BushWar 0.35 now have smoke grenade launchers. The smoke grenades from Battlefield Vietnam have been modified and they now make thicker smoke and the smoke is grey.



Readme File:
****************************************BUSHWAR Version 0.35********************************
************************************Website: http://bushwar.uni.cc *******************************

BUSHWAR Version 0.35 is designed to work with Battlefield Vietnam version 1.2, but it should also 
work with earlier versions. 

To run see "launching BUSHWAR.txt"

__________________________________________Changes in 0.35:______________________________________

->The Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 vehicles are supported.
->Modified the AC-47, including a new skin.
->Modified the Casspir, including a new skin.
->Added smoke grenade launchers to the G6 and the Eland90 and modified the T72's smoke launchers.
->New skins for the LandRover, the MirageF1CZ and the G6.

->New Maps: Bush Patrol, Battle for the Cunzumba Bridge and the Kraal.
->Modified the BUSHWAR maps by adding 1.2 vehicles.
->Added support for the new 1.2 maps.

->New Statics: Hut, Kraal and rocks.
->Various bug fixes.
->Smoke grenades make more smoke and smoke is grey instead of the default green. 

__________________________________________Changes in 0.3:______________________________________

New Team: 
->PLAN - Peoples Liberation Army of Namibia (military wing of SWAPO)

New Kits:
->Instead of a Sniper and a Medic, PLAN has a Sabotager and an SA-7 soldier. PLAN soldiers also use 
other grenades and carry machetes.
->Instead of the Medic, the SADF has a flame thrower soldier. 

New Vehicles:
->MiG-23, AlouetteIII, Ratel20, Ural repair and ammo trucks, the T34-85 and the T62 tank.

New Weapons:
->Vector SS77 machine gun and the flame thrower.

New Maps:
->BUSHWAR supports the Defence of Con Thien map.
->Ambush, Cuito Cuanavale, Killing Field, Operation Super, The great Tank Battle and The Road to Ebo.

->Many bug fixes and changes since 0.2.
->New objects including destroyable trees and fuel barrels.
->The background movie now also tells the story of South Africa's war with SWAPO. 

____________________________________________0.2 Features:_________________________________________

->South-African Defence Force
->Cuban Army

->Cuban and South-African kits are the same.
-Assault Soldier
-Heavy Assault Soldier
-Mine Layer
-Mortar Soldier
-Anti-Tank Soldier

Olifant tank, Eland 90 light Tank, Casspir mine resistant vehicle, LandRover scout car, 
G6 Howitzer and the Mirage F1CZ fighter plane with V3B air to air missiles.
->Cuban Army:
T55 tank, PT76 amphibious tank, BTR60 troop transporter, UAZ scout car, BM21 rocket launching vehicle,
M46 Artillery the Mig-17 with FAB250 bombs or Rockets and the MiG-21 fighter plane with air to air 
missiles or with 4 FAB250 bombs. 

Automatic R1 assault rifle, semi-automatic R1 assault rifle, R1 rifle with scope, R4 assault rifle, 
M60 machine gun, RPG7 rocket launcher, 81mm mortar, the TM62 anti-tank mine and other weapons from 
Battlefield Vietnam. 
->Cuban Army:
AK47 assault rifle, AKMS rifle, RPG7 rocket launcher, 24mm mortar and other weapons from Battlefield 

->BUSHWAR maps: Benguela Airport and Omarunga (both have bot support)
->All Battlefield Vietnam maps are supported. 

->Modifications to many Battlefield Vietnam weapons and vehicles, with the aim of making them more 
-Airplane bombs don't reload.
-The BM21, Mi-8 and Mig-17 can fire salvos of rockets instead of just one at a time.
-The music played in the LandRover and UAZ plays on while there is nobody in the car.
-The deviation of the AK47, AK47MS and RPD has been modified. 
-The RPD and M60 are deployed, so it looks realistic when firing while lying.
->A realistic damage system. 
->Many new textures for Soldiers, Flags and other objects.
->Third person view for soldiers.
->The Battlefield Vietnam Music in mp3 format, so you can listen to it while driving your favourite 
->Background movie telling the BUSHWAR story.

____________________________________________0.35 Known issues:_________________________________________

->The game may slow down when playing BUSHWAR with bots, especially at first contact. If this happens,
just press escape to go to the menu and press escape again to go back into the game. If the problem
persists, turn your video settings down. The BUSHWAR models have more polygons than their Battlefield
Vietnam counterparts.

->The bots are pretty stupid in maps containing bridges and rivers.

->The South-African bots don't spawn in Operation Irving and in Operation Flaming Dart.

->Vehicles don't spawn in Operation Flaming Dart.

->I you find any additional bugs, please report them in the bugs section at http://bushwar.uni.cc 

_______________________________________________0.3 Credits:___________________________________________

->Ghost - He does most of the modding work, from coding to mapping, to modeling, to skinning. The majority of 
the mod is his work.
->Kosmo - Managing the Mod, contacting sponsors, maintaining Public Relations, managing staff.
->Onryou - For making the T34-85 and the T62 models.
->Av@lon - For his Omarunga map.
->Tabu - For his Road to Ebo map.
->Shadow - For making the Website theme.
->Tha Rooster for making the Mirage F1CZ and AC-47 skins.
->Taz for making a temporary forum.

->Rexman and the MDT forums for solving some problems

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