Bushwar Map Contest Files



Hey there soldiers! Here are the files that you mappers will need to enter the BushWar's Mapping Contest! So, download them now, and show the team and the community YOUR mapping skills! See ya in the jungle!



To make new BUSHWAR maps:

1. Go to your "Battlefield Vietnam/Mods/BUSHWAR/Mapping Files" directory.

2. Copy the bushwar.lst and bushwar.cfg files into your Battlecraft folder.

3. Open the bushwar.cfg file with notepad and change the line 
   "GamePath=C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\" to your Battlefield Vietnam directory.

If you use Battlecraft to make or edit BUSHWAR maps, Battlecraft will add this line to your 
Battlefield Vietnam/Mods/bfVietnam/init.con file:

"rem Battlecraft Vietnam added this command in order to generate lightmaps for this MOD"
"game.addModPath Mods/Bushwar/"

With this line in your init.con file, you won't be able to join online Battlefield Vietnam servers.
I suggest you put a "rem" before the line, except when you are creating lightmaps.

Please visit our forums at http://bushwar.sys-techs.com to tell us about your map and we may include
it in the next BUSHWAR release. If you're looking for some inspiration for a map have a look at the 
'story' page on http://bushwar.uni.cc and check out the links at the bottom of the page.

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