Bushwar Modification



Hello soldiers! Yes, thats right, the BushWar modification has released their first version today! This mod looks to be awesome, so you should download it now, and try it out! Great job to the team for their hard work! See ya in the jungle soldiers!



Installation:  Run the installer and you should be A-OK!
Features of BUSHWAR 0.2: 
Have a look at the Development Updates section of our forum for the most recent updates. 

->South-African Defence Force 
->Cuban Army 

->Cuban and South-African kits are the same. 
-Assault Soldier 
-Heavy Assault Soldier 
-Mine Layer 
-Mortar Soldier 
-Anti-Tank Soldier 

Olifant tank, Eland 90 light Tank, Casspir mine resistant vehicle, LandRover scout car, G6 Howitzer and the Mirage F1CZ fighter plane with V3B air to air missiles. 
->Cuban Army: 
T55 tank, PT76 amphibious tank, BTR60 troop transporter, UAZ scout car, BM21 rocket launching vehicle, M46 Artillery the Mig-17 with FAB250 bombs or Rockets and the MiG-21 fighter plane with air to air missiles or with 4 FAB250 bombs. 

Automatic R1 assault rifle, semi-automatic R1 assault rifle, R1 rifle with scope, R4 assault rifle, RPG7 rocket launcher, 81mm mortar, the TM62 anti-tank mine and other weapons from Battlefield Vietnam. 

->Cuban Army: 
AK47 assault rifle, AKMS rifle, RPG7 rocket launcher, 24mm mortar and other weapons from Battlefield Vietnam. 

->BUSHWAR map: Benguela Airport (has bot support) 
->All Battlefield Vietnam maps are supported. 

->Modifications to many Battlefield Vietnam weapons and vehicles, with the aim of making them more 
-Airplane bombs don't reload. 
-The BM21, Mi-8 and Mig-17 can fire salvos of rockets instead of just one at a time. 
-The music played in the LandRover and UAZ plays on while there is nobody in the car. 
-The deviation of the AK47, AK47MS and RPD has been modified. 
-The RPD and M60 are deployed, so it looks realistic when firing while lying. 
->A realistic damage system. 
->Many new textures for Soldiers, Flags and other objects. 
->Third person view for soldiers. 
->The Battlefield Vietnam Music in mp3 format, so you can listen to it while driving your favourite 
->Background movie telling the BUSHWAR story.

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