Camp Lovely



Hey Guys, Here's a map, strangely called "Camp Lovely" Although, I don't see the lovely side about weapons, tanks and destruction :p

This map looks like it has been worked on for ages, it has good gameplay, looks good, I don't think there's much more I can say...

*cough* bot support *cough* sorry... *cough* bot support *cough* Aargh! ;)




Hi guys

This is the final version of CAMP LOVELY with many fixed bugs and a worked over look. 
CAMP LOVELY is a huge map and though it has bot support it is best played with a high amount of players (Appr. 40 - 64). The more the better ;-) 
Battle action in mid-air or on the ground, the loneliness of the vietnamese jungle, surprising sniper attacks & the use of different means of transport are only a few of the different features of this map.
In CAMP LOVELY you will have to concentrate on two things in order to survive: Teamplay and the communication with your teammates! 
Check out the screenshots attached & have fun!


El Thilo 

[email protected]


2 years ago

I love this map. I used to play it  with friends and it played really well.  I wasn't very good at flying choppers at the time. The only way to get to one of the VC bases was via chopper as it was on the top of an otherwise inaccessible hill.   A large US base surrounded by jungle and mountains. Brilliant map. So cool to have Bot support.  Thank you.