Camp Lovely



This is the final version of CAMP LOVELY with many fixed bugs and a worked over look. CAMP LOVELY is a huge map and though it has bot support it is best played with a high amount of players. The more the better ;-) Battle action in mid-air or on the ground, the loneliness of the vietnamese jungle, surprising sniper attacks: In CAMP LOVELY you will have to concentrate on two things in order to survive: Teamplay and the communication with your teammates! Check out the screenshots below or download the level directly from this site Have fun! El Thilo



2 years ago

The last time I played this with friends  was just after BF2 was released.  Love the massive US base surrounded by Jungle and  mountains.  I used to  crash trying to land at one of the VC bases that was situated at the top of one of the mountains. The only way to get there was by chopper.    

Now I need to find  a few    people who love BFV to play this  map with.