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++ ||City Siege &|| || City Siege Night || ||By Fx2003|| ++



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++ ||City Siege &|| || City Siege Night || ||By Fx2003|| ++

_ Info _

Map Statistics:

Build Time: 5h 12m Build Dates: 17/7/04 Control Points: 5 Spawn Points: 14 Map Size: 256x256 Made for Mod: None Custom Objects: None

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Questions? Comments? Ideas? E-Mail me at: [email protected]

_ Description _

This map is based on a small city under siege by the Us, The NVA must keep a hold of the city While capturing the Siege points around the outside of the city, each siege point has cannons Which may be used to contain the NVA within the city walls or to fire over the walls to kill the NVA within, the NVA have a small airport with 4 jets which may be used to disable the cannons, be careful as jets and cannons do not respawn, the main Us base has 2 Huey Transports, also non respawnable.

This map is also intended for having fun, feel free to drag race in the airport, hang out in the park, or play City hide and go seek, I did this on IS82 once, Aurora Valley, It Was Hilarious!!

_ Thanks _

Dice/EA for Creating the great BattleField Series Dice/EA for Creating the BattleCraft Program, probably the best map creator/editor out there. for being the best bfv site/community I know, rock on guys!!! MoMMa_Dean for supporting me throughout my mapping career and uploading my creations The Bfvfiles community for being so supportive also

And last but certainly not least:

The EA Tech Support Team for Not helping me to get my Bf:v working after it stopped for two months, I ended up fixing this myself, but for inadvertently teaching me how to skip those annoying intro videos (ea games/dice clips), LMAO =P

____----====++++====----____ End ____----====++++====----____

Readme created by Fx2003 on 16/7/04 20:52 because i lost the Old one LOL XD.

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