Craziness Mod 3

Hey Guys! here's the third installment of the Craziness Mod! Enjoy!! -Fx


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Hey Guys! here's the third installment of the Craziness Mod! Enjoy!! -Fx

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Craziness Mod 0.3
By Fx2003

New Features:

New Additions To 0.3:

Vehicle Weapons Tweaked
New Weapon Tweaks
Uuhh, i forget what else :-S

Changes In 0.2

*RPG7 rocket made faster
*I felt that just letting the NVA/VC have the doomsday device was unfair… so I gave the US one too!! The M79 fires a sloow, ultra powerful explosive, but only kills infantry unless you aim it at a vehicle.
*Made SA7 rocket slightly slower but decreased turning circle, slightly more powerful
*SVD and M21 have been turned into anti material rifles, now fires different bullet ;)
*Added the flare gun into some engineer kits, replacing knife, can cause damage if fired at infantry
*More stuff I can’t remember :D
*Smoke grenades given longer lifespan

Stuff that burned in development hell :) Or will be released in next version, ill leave you to figure out which is which
-Assault rifles turned into machine rocket launchers
-Mat49 fires pungi sticks
-Some planes given speed increase
-Smoke grenades damage stuff if within the smoke cloud
-LOADS more stuff which I can’t remember or I haven’t thought of yet…

Have fun and go nuke a base!

Changes in 0.1
*Almost All Weapons Enhanced
*Almost All Vehicles that can be airlifted have had their catchment area enlarged for easier lift
*Most Vehicles have been made lighter for minor speed increase and crazy stunts
*Lots of other stuff that i cant remember =D
*All Firearms except rocket and grenade launchers have an insane amount of bullet velocity
Special Features:
*Sniper weapons have NO kickback for ultra accurate sniping
*Air vehicles try to always nose down and are slower for easier landings and bombing.
*Some helicopters survive if you bail out of them over land, so don’t plan to bail over enemy territory or they will have another weapon to use against you
*Role Reversal! The LAW is a gren. Launcher and the M79 is a rocket launcher.
*The Vietnamese side have 2 major modifications to their rocket launchers to play with
RPG7 rocket sniper

Comments? Questions? Want to help out?
E-Mail me at:
[email protected]

By Fx2003 12/08/04

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