Craziness Mod

Craziness V5 is here!

Download now and enjoy the mad new features including:

Spawnable choppers and scooters Throwable rocks to hid...

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File Description

Craziness V5 is here!

Download now and enjoy the mad new features including:

  • Spawnable choppers and scooters
  • Throwable rocks to hide behind (or in)
  • Buildings on planes, carry extra passengers!
  • Much more...

Enjoy! -Fx

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Craziness Mod 5 By Fx2004

Build time: 10 days
Changes: approx. 30/40
Best Change: The F4 Bunker :)
Other stuff: The ShedMobile got a High Ranking POTD on Bfvfiles :)

Changes In Version 5

+ = Added
* = Modified

+ Vespa Scooter explodes on mouse click
+ Nancy AA truck explodes on mouse click
+ T54 Tank is running on jet fuel :)
+ BM Cargo Truck uses nitro on mouse click
+ F4 Phantom has a co-pilot who sits on the wing and uses their weapons
+ F4 Phantom had a bunker which can be used as a bomb
+ F4 Phantom pilot and co-pilot exit into the bunker
+ MiG17 has a house trailing behind it, can be used as a bomb
+ AC-47 has a shed on it, used as a bomb
+ AC-47 positions 1,4,5,6 exit into the shed
+ Both NVA heavy guns transformed into soldier launchers to match M60
+ First Engineer kit has both mortars
+ Second US Engineer kit has Flare gun
+ Second NVA and VC Engineer kits have the Pungi sticks
+ First Sniper kits have the caltrops
+ Us Mortar spawns a helicopter on deployment
+ NVA Mortar spawns a scooter on deployment
+ Flare gun spawns a sampan boat
+ Pungi sticks spawn log traps
+ Caltrops spawn rocks to hide behind (or in :))
+ Added Mossberg Shotgun as last resort weapon to many kits
+ Mobile Spawn Box can survive underwater for 2 1/2 minutes
+ Second seat on F4 Phantom
* Modified Car15 accuracy
* Disabled LAW, to increase use of M79
* Modified LAW anti-gravity amount
* Modified Mutt and UAZ speeds
* Modified T52 speed
* Modified ammo count and rate of fire of all AA guns
* Modified Cobra HS Rocket ammo :)
* Modified Corsair Bombs
* Replaced C4 with remotely detonatable grenades for ARVN and Special Forces
More Minor changes


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