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Hey soldiers! Remember Dans Mod 1? Well, this is the second version of it! This mod has support for ALL maps, so you better check it out!...


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Hey soldiers! Remember Dans Mod 1? Well, this is the second version of it! This mod has support for ALL maps, so you better check it out! Enjoy! See ya in the jungle!

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DANS MOD #1 was way back when i was just learning about putting models into the game, and suffice to say it pretty much sucked. Well, as far as being professional is concerned, this one is just as bad, but, even if i do say so myself, it's pretty darn fun. This is my first venture into coding, and there is no new models of anykind in here, basically just edited variables and such. All the maps are fully playable singleplayer or online if you so wish - but we warned, i'm sure it is totally unbalanced, but to be honest it's main role was to be played offline, and the bots suck so much that it doesn't matter too much. HERE is the changelist:

# ALL Air vehicles go approximately double their previous speed

# Some Tanks and the MUTT are really light. It is yet to be seen how this will actually affect gamelplay...

# SA7, LAW, RPG2 and RPG7 have approx 50 rounds each, firing at 0.2 second intervals.

# Both pistols [not magnum] now have 60 or so bullet clips, which can be empties within about 3 seconds.

# Type 56 can release 100 bullets within about 5 seconds, as well as having M21 zoom.

# M14 has M21 zoom.

# ExPacks and C4 are small nucleur devices - can even take out low flying aircraft above them.

# M16 now has a 100 bullet clip, and despite the animation only fires one bullet a second, i think. Or i might have changed that, cant remember.

# AK47 has a huge and accurate clip.

# M60 and RPG marke you dance when you shoot them, effectively. 

# Grenades are uber-powerful - the only time you can throw them and not die yourself is when you are parachuting down.

# Knives hit at approx 20 per second.

# M16 Sniper rifle fires, very accurately, at 30 rounds a second from its 200 bullet clip, with full zoom.

# Car-15 fires only small, 5 bullet clips - which is dispensed in 0.2 seconds, and is reloading in 0.1 second.

Feel free to email me about this mini-mod at danielgrover@blueyonder.co.uk, and if you would like to discuss it, there is a thread in the forums over at www.bohicagaming.com for you to talk about it. Thanks to BOHICA and the community over there for the ideas and support!


Just unzip the 'Dans2' folder into your "C:\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\" folder [though this will vary upon your game installation], then open BFV, go to 'Options', choose Custom Game, then pick 'Dans2'. Thanks for playing, and have fun!

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