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Deep Fall ****MADE BY "C&C Renedade...


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Deep Fall ****MADE BY "C&C Renedade SoQloopr*loopr* is it now, left clan "battle field vietnam:::: Ultra Marine "Dungeon siege LOA Marneus "C&C Generals SoQloopr*Loopr* is it now, left clan

This is a small map with 5 mountains on.Verry low visebillity. there positiond like this (x = mountain), (/ or \= bridge) x----x /--\-/--\---- --x1xx2-

the us-special forces team spawns on "x1" mountain and the vietcong on "x2".

this map was made purly for funn purpose so there are only 2 spawnpoints on it.

on all the mountains there are ammo boxes and health cabs. the mountains are connected by rope-bridges (check screenshot1)

**NOTE** where the 3 rope briges joint to gether,: You wont fall trough.

*instalation* just exrtact the Deep_Fall.rfa into your levels folder

defoult is:

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

**NOTE2** if you fall down you can't get back up, you must commit suicide (if you opend your shute) or just keep falling untill you cant fall no more (lol)

hope you enjoy

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