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// // DICE CITY VIETNAM BETA v0.975 // www.DiceCityMod.com // www.StringerStudios.com //=...


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// // DICE CITY VIETNAM BETA v0.975 // www.DiceCityMod.com // www.StringerStudios.com //

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Download 'dicecity_v_beta_v0.975_linux_server.rar' (20.66MB)

Version 0.975 Fixes
- repaired bridge in The Product
- added ladders to police station in The Product
- added Health to Bar, Deli, and Corner Market, and Titty Bar
- Suicide bomb works fine. If its not killing the bomber, Turn Friendly Fire On - lol thx Dack
- brightened The ShootOut by about 50%, perfect now
- readded some vehicles previously removed in version 0.97
- adjusted window opacity/tinting on all buildings
- adjusted mglmk1, total karnage weapon now :D
- darkend tear gas smoke on The ShootOut
- throwing knives and blades fixed
- new car bomb model
- replaced some land vehicle horns with engine revs (just like motorcycles)
- increased ammo for all hand weapons.. ammo should not be an issue now
- threw lift kit/bigger tires on bronco
- new bronco texture
- fixed bronco collision mesh
- created landing pad as separate object, removed from police hq and reattached via code
- landing pads now repairs helis
- fixed smoothing on Jet Ranger windshield

Version 0.97 Fixes
- removed some extra vehicles from "The Business" to strengthen teamplay
- converted limo into mobile spawn (w/health) for cartel to increase mobility and effectiveness
- added limo to repair stations
- added humv to repair stations
- added 2 extra pco positions to swat van
- added 2 extra pco positions to cop car
- added 2 apartment buildings
- fixed low collision mesh on police station
- changed time to live for mobile spawns to infinite
- forced mobile spawners into seats upon spawn
- added 4 new homes
- added bookstore
- added guardrails
- added new bridge
- added another office building
- adjusted Suicide Bomb
- adjusted MGL MK1
- adjusted HK69A1
- created new map "The_Product"
- created new night map "The_ShootOut"
- over/undergrowth added to all maps
- and much more....

Version 0.99 TODO
- generate .samples
- lightmaps
- shadows
- c99 meshes

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