This map contains, choppers, Tanks, jeeps, and awesome scooters. Custom Load Screens and music!


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This map contains, choppers, Tanks, jeeps, and awesome scooters. Custom Load Screens and music!

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Download 'dungerees.zip' (9.48MB)

Battlefield Vietnam Map:


        This is a map I've been working on in my spare time. It’s fairly simple and surprisingly hasn't taken me all that long to complete. Give credit were its due and follow
Instructions carefully. I have supplied the map file, and a sound file with this map. Dungeree's has lots of vegetation and a few interesting spots. Awesome SCOOTERS!!!
Ha-Ha. Anyways. My name online is ChUnK/Pvt Parts if you want to play sometime. Have a blast and contact me if you have problems, questions, or ways I could improve, just contact me. 

        By this time you should have extracted the .Zip file, it contains 3 items. A ReadMe.rtf, .Bik, and Dungeree_s.rfa file. To get the map in your Create game map list which
is located in the Multiplayer setting in game, First you must place the Dungeree_s.Rfa file in the Level folder of the BF Vietnam Main.
(Default Location: C:/Program Files/EA Games/Battle Field Vietnam/Mods/BfVietnam/Archives/BfVietnam/Levels)
        Once your in that folder copy/cut and paste the .Rfa file from the extracted location and place it in the levels folder. I prefer just making a shortcut to the Levels folder considering 
how many subfolder you must go through to get their. That was the level file that you placed in the folder obviously. Now for the sound, Easy as going back a few folders to the Archives folder
(C:/Program Files/EA Games/Battle Field Vietnam/Mods/BfVietnam/Archives/) 
        Then opening the Music folder. Paste the .BIK file into this folder and....YOU’RE DONE!. Have a grand time and contact me for problems.

        You can contact me by e-mailing me, send me either a .jpg screenshot of your problem or just typing a quick note describing the flaw, problem, or way it could be improved. 
Happy Fragging.

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