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This cool little mod enhances almost all aspects of the game and even add the flare gun! (doesnt do anything though). For a full list of of...


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This cool little mod enhances almost all aspects of the game and even add the flare gun! (doesnt do anything though). For a full list of of changes read the Readme.

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Download 'edalgomod10b.zip' (10.84MB)

e-dalgo Mod 1.0B
by e-dalgo (Soldier6644)

-Custom Background and Menu Icons
-3rd Person Infantry Views
-e-dalgoized Weapons (See 'e-dalgized Weapons' section for details)
-All knives replaced by Flare Gun (See 'Flare Gun' section for details)
-Vehicles' music radios must be turned off manually (See 'Radio' section for details)

Most (if not all) handheld weapons have been 'enhanced' with 999 rounds and have automatic rapid fire (if not already automatic) and have double the rate of fire they had (would have had if they were automatic). There are some exceptions, though:
-the XM148 Grenade Launcher only have 99 rounds, instead of 999. You'll see why if/when you play.
-All mines, exppacks,booby traps, grenades, etcetera (things you throw and/or place) have 'automatic fire,' but they do not have an increased rate of fire as to avoid animation errors and etcetera.

=[FLARE GUN]====================
The Flare Gun was supposedly going to be implemented into the game, but it was probably canceled for some reason to be implemented in some patch. I was going through the .RFAs, and I found the weapon configuration files for the Flare Gun. I have implemented it into this mod however EA would've implemented it as if it were to be in this version of the game (BFV 1.0). It's actually pretty useless, as it doesn't create a flare and doesn't hurt anything, but it is good for show and makes a cool flame effect when it hits something. So, I implemented it.

Normally, if you turn on the radio in a vehicle and exit, the music shuts off. In this mod, it does not do that. To turn off the radio, you must either go in the vehicle, press your 'Radio' key, then press the letter of the song playing, then press [ESC], then exit the vehicle. However, an easier way is to just destroy the vehicle.

=[TO DO]========================
-Do to the vehicles what I did to the handweapons
-Anything else that is suggested to me

e-dalgo (Soldier6644)
AIM: Soldier6644
MSN: [email protected]
YIM: Soldier6644
ICQ: 179648825
PUBLIC E-MAIL: [email protected]
PRIVATE E-MAIL: You'll have to ask me for this one.

Have fun, and if you have any questions, complaints, or whatever, do not hesitate of contact me.

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