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This is the latest version of the e-dalgo mod, version 2.1 which fixes the 1.1 compatibillity issues and adds alot more!


Ok, ill tell you my story about this mod! I came on BFVFiles.com and i saw "2 new files" First i clicked the E-Dalgo mod, i saw the file size and the pictures and i thought: "Ah, this mod wouldn't be so fun" But i must download it cauz im the file reviewer. So i downloaded it and installed it too. I loaded the map Ho Chi Minh Trail cauz in the Read me they wrote: "The XM148 Grenade Launcher only have 99 rounds, instead of 999. You'll see why if/when you play." So i spawned as CAR-15/XM148 and shoot with the Grenade Launcher... I saw 5 grenades were coming out of the weapon in 1 second... WITHOUT reloading, You'll be invinceble with that weapon, but the LAW, M79, SA-7, RPG-2 and RPG-7v has 99 ammo, but no 'automatic fire' But i played further and i owned all bots. Then i got in one of those tanks, they shoot those Missiles and the alternate fire is a flametrower, Very strong! I didn't die with the tank... Later i wanted to play a other map, the map Operation Flaming Dart. You see all those smoke tracers of all plane and choppers, don't worry, they will disappear after a while, but is is very handy too search enemy planes, so i owned those bots again ;) And then i got the M1911 pistol... It had 999 bullets and it shoots like a M60! If you zoom in and shoot you see the bullets. I played it like 2 hours? I stopped because i thaught about the review... And, you can't play the mod on internet or LAN, i don't know why. I wanted to play online with the mod, but you can't. And sooo much firepower and those bots, make the game very laggy. U need a good computer to play it without lags. They are going to make custom skins and textures, custom maps, fix some bugs, the networking problem. So the next version of E-Dalgo will be bigger. I'm giving it a 7,5 because it's fun and much new stuff in a small file.

-CrAzYGuNneR BFVFiles.com Staff



e-dalgo Mod 2.1
by the e-dalgo Mod Team

e-dalgo Mod is back, and it's now at version 2.1! This version is the result of a complete start-over-from-scratch of the e-dalgo Mod. This new version is also compatible with Battlefield 1.1, the latest patch at the time of release. New features include (but are not limited to) enhanced weapons, vehicles, and a flamethrower. Strap on your flak jacket, and get ready for some (literally) explosive battle!

Just copy the 'e-dalgo_Mod' folder into your 'Battlefield Vietnam\Mods' folder.

Delete the 'e-dalgo_Mod' folder from your 'Battlefield Vietnam\Mods' folder.

» Run Battlefield Vietnam, go to 'Options,' 'Custom Game,' choose 'e-dalgo Mod,' then press 'Activate.'
» Double-Click 'Play e-dalgo Mod 2.1.ink' in the 'e-dalgo Mod' folder if you installed Battlefield Vietnam in the default directory (C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam).

» Made for Battlefield Vietnam 1.1
» Custom Background, Menu Icons, Music, and Cursor
» 3rd Person Infantry Views
» e-dalgoized Weapons
» e-dalgoized Vehicles
» All knives replaced by Flare Gun
» Vehicles' music radios do not turn off manually
» Binocular sights for all weapons (see 'Binocular Sights' for details)
» Super Tanks
» Smoke Trail Tracers
» Almost no default tracers
» Flamethrower M14 and SKS56
» Zippo Tango
» Floating Hueys
» Zippo Huey Assault
» Zippo Chinook
» Simple bots added to Con Thien

Most (if not all) handheld weapons have been 'enhanced' with 999 rounds and have automatic rapid fire (if not already automatic) and have a higher rate of fire than they had(/would have had if they were automatic). There are some exceptions, though:
» The MBerg500 Shotgun rate of fire has been quadrupled instead of doubled for more insanity.
» The XM148 Grenade Launcher only have 99 rounds, instead of 999. You'll see why if/when you play.
» All mines, exppacks, booby traps, grenades, etcetera (things you throw and/or place) do not have 'automatic fire,' and they do not have an increased rate of fire as well to avoid animation errors and etcetera.
» All the rocket launchers (LAW, M79, RPG-2, RPG-7v, SA7) have 1 round in each magazine and 99 rounds. Other than that and the binocular sights, they are not 'enhanced' further.

Most (if not all) vehicles (the mortars and stationary machine guns are considered vehicles) have been 'enhanced' with 999 rounds and have automatic (if not already) and higher rate of fire. Now you really have no chance to live for more than five seconds. There were also exceptions, however.
» The Napalm Bombs rate of fire for the F4 Phantom has been eight-tupled instead of doubled for even more flaming fragging.

The Flare Gun was supposedly going to be implemented into the game, but it was probably canceled for some reason to be implemented in some patch. I was going through the .RFAs, and I found the weapon configuration files for the Flare Gun. I have implemented it into this mod however EA would've implemented it as if it were to be in this version of the game (BFV 1.1). It's actually pretty useless, as it doesn't create a flare and doesn't hurt anything, but it is good for show and makes a cool flame effect when it hits something. So, I implemented it. Also, the icon for the knife have has been replaced by the icon of the Flare Gun, and it is the one EA would have implemented.

Normally, if you turn on the radio in a vehicle and exit, the music shuts off. In this mod, it does not do that. To turn off the radio, you must either go in the vehicle, press your 'Radio' key, then press the letter of the song playing, then press [ESC], then exit the vehicle. However, an easier way is to just destroy the vehicle.

All the weapons, aside from place able and/or throw able weapons (such as grenades, etcetera), the XM148, the Flare Gun, the Flamethrower M14 and SKS56 anything that already has a scope, and probably more that I've forgotten, have the Binoculars as a right-click function, to serve as a 'scope.'

Now, instead of firing shells, all the tanks fire BM21SAM missles. Additionally, instead of firing bullets, the coaxial machine gun acts as a flamethrower.

Most (if not all) firearms (vehicles and hand weapons) have some kind of smoke-like tracer. Doesn't really need an explanation now, does it?

Those 'line' tracers that are in the game usually. You know those, right? Well, we did our best to remove those.

The M14 and SKS56 rifles (along with the two Super Tanks, Zippo Tango, and the Zippo Huey Assault) now acts as a flamethrower. Utilizes the flamethrower effect and modified flamethrower code by Destrucktion_XL with permission. As a tip, don't fire, well, fire at an object that is very close to you, or you will be injured. Also, when someone is killed with either the M14 or SKS56, it is recorded that they are killed by the M14 or SKS56, not a Flamethrower.

Now, the Tango acts as a 'Zippo Boat' and fires a special napalm from the two small turrets on the sides. When the flame comes in contact with anything solid or liquid, it explodes and damages anything in the immediate vicinity. As a tip, the napalm can burn away if it is flying through the air too long, so use range estimation to incinerate your target.

The Huey Assault and Huey Slick will float on their skids, allowing landing on water. As a tip, when you land in the water, be careful not to make any sharp movements to your mouse/joystick or you will topple in the water. Also, try to land as parallel as possible to the water as to also avoid toppling. Also, please keep in mind that the helicopters will still be damaged in water if it topples over or is submerged in water deep enough.

The Huey Assault's grenade launcher (in the second seat) now fires the same material as the Zippo Tango. Remember, the fire can burn out while flying through the air, so ask your pilot to fly low so you can incinerate your enemy.

Basically the same as the Zippo Huey Assault, except with the Chinook's grenade launcher.

As the title suggests, simple (yet probably buggy) bots were added to 'Defense of on Thien.' They were added fairly quickly through the use of the BF Botinator.
» Note: I'm not sure if I used the BF Botinator correctly all the way, so I'm not sure if the AI coding in that map is all the way correct.
» Note: I DID NOT use Sgt. Pete's 'Defense of Con Thien Bot Support Patch' to do this. I did the work myself with the BF Botinator.

Q.» Why do I lag so much when I play this mod?
A.» That is probably because of all the increased firepower and etcetera that is included in this mod. Also, refrain from playing SINGLEPLAY with a lot of bots because that is almost unplayable because of the lag.

» Tracers might make your computer act funny if you fire a gun for too long.
» When someone is killed with either the M14 or SKS56, it is recorded that they are killed by the M14 or SKS56, not a Flamethrower.
» Flamethrowers do not come out of their correct spot when fired. For example, the flames do not emit from the end of the M14's and SKS56's barrel. Also, the flames emit from the tank barrels.
» Doesn't work with more than one player on a LAN server. I'm not sure if it's the same for an internet server...

» Destrucktion_XL for the flamethrower effect and the original flamethrower code (used and modified [respectively] with permission).
» BF Botinator for helping to add the simple bots to Con Thien!

» Custom skins and textures
» Custom maps
» Fix any bugs
» Make a 'dedicated' flamethrower and not use the M14 and SKS56.
» Whatever pops up in our team's mind
» Anything else that is suggested to me
» Find the networking problem and fix it!

e-dalgo (Soldier6644)
AIM » Soldier6644
MSN » [email protected]
YIM » Soldier6644
ICQ » 179648825
PUBLIC E-MAIL » [email protected]
PRIVATE E-MAIL » You'll have to ask me for this one.
MOD E-MAIL » [email protected]

Have fun, and if you have any questions, complaints, or whatever, do not hesitate of contact me. Oh, and just a note... don't complain about unbalanced gameplay. This mod is not supposed to be balanced or realistic at all.

Release date » August 8, 2004.
Time to complete » I dont know... I haven't been counting.
Custom Textures » The cursor and the 'e' insignia before the maps are the only things.
Custom Maps » None available in

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