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Hey there soldiers! Here is the latest version of Games Folder! This awesome tool stores your games, hours, and server! Download it now and enjoy! See ya in the jungle!



Games Folder 0.31 Alpha 3 Readme File

To install, double-click the Setup.exe file from within your unzipping program. It will extract the file automatically and start the setup process. Everything will be straightforward from then on.

Developed by Eclipse - http://www.eclipse-games.co.uk - [email protected]
Please post bug reports and feature requests in our forum: http://www.eclipse-games.co.uk/Forum


Games Folder is a utility that will allow you to organise your games, demos and mods quickly and simply, as well as providing relevant information such as links to official and fan sites, documentation, screenshots, video clips, etc. 

It also offers extensive statistic logging, such as the number of times a game has been run, how long for, etc.

It supports over 400 games, demos and mods, and can find the majority of these automatically. For the rest, the speedy search facility will find them in a very short space of time.

Games can be launched from the program itself, the taskbar utility, the quick launch bar, or by simply placing the game CD in the drive.

Note: This description by no means lists the entire range of features.

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