Green River

Author: == L4mb3rt

Map name: Green River

Map Size: Medium 512x512

Shadows Rendered: yes

Control Points: 8

Time to Make:...


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Author: =[kdK]= L4mb3rt

Map name: Green River

Map Size: Medium 512x512

Shadows Rendered: yes

Control Points: 8

Time to Make: about 1 1/2 months (it was a lot of work)

Objects Used: 1909

Map Descritpion: That's a medium sized map with a lot of space to fight in it. There's a big river in the middle that flews thru the whole map and along him there's only jungle on both sides. Nobody should drive alone in a boat because there's a lot of good places for a booby trap on the banks of the river. Both teams starts in their bases that are placed at the opposites of the map. The US team has much more aircrafts but if someone starts a plane at Vietcong side there will spawn a second plane a few seconds after. So each plane and Chopper will exist twice. In the north of the map there's a big swamp with a lot of fog. The Vietcong control the point at the spamps at the beginning. Beside the river is a LZ where the troops can land to get into the swamps. In south of the swamps is a little village with a control point. It's surrounded by jungle and offers the team that control it a good position to take the flag at the swamp. In south-east of the map there's a big city. You'll find a lot of similarities to quang tri and hue because i wanted to connect the jungle-maps with the city-maps to create a kind of map that includes both types. The US base has a lot of choppers. So you can start a big air-attack on the city if you have enough players.

Known Bugs: 1.: Boats sometimes take damage in the river, so it's better to have always anengineer. 2.: The Tango at the lake sometimes slide into the bank of the lake. 3.: Watch out at the bridges!!! Jeeps will lose energy if you drive to fast into theramp of the bridge.

If you find any other bugs post it to me:

Story: On their way to north-vietnam the US Troops built a base at the mekong river. The river was called "Green River" by most of the Marines. A few days after they finnished the work at their base one of the reconnaissance aircrafts located a Vietcong base in the hardwood forest at tri dangh. It seemed that a confrontation was inevitably. Another photos that was took from a reconnaissance aircraft showed movements in the swamps. The US Troops had to stop the spread of the Vietcong in this area.

License: Free to download, but keep the readme and the whole archive together. If you want to convert the map to a mod or modify it please ask ( I'm sorry for my bad english but I don't knew a lot of words and translated them with babelfish. I hope you understand everything I wrote here and enjoy the map!

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