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Operation Hastings has always been a favourite of mine - a nice combination of infantry, armour, choppers and boats. Now this remake by zix...


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Operation Hastings has always been a favourite of mine - a nice combination of infantry, armour, choppers and boats. Now this remake by zixed01 concentrates the action around the temple in Operation Hastings.

The US team holds only the Temple control point and must fight their way through the NVA, who own all but one of the control points around the Temple. The choppers and planes have been removed from this map, but tanks and boats remain. I started out as the US team in Coop and captured the neutral point near the temple. No sign of NVA...then I got picked off by a very well-aimed tank shell across the river. I messed around a bit with the good ol' M-14, then switched teams to NVA and had a look at what we got.

I'll say that it's a long walk from the former NVA base to the Temple :p Probably a good idea would have been to fiddle around with the out-of-bounds areas as well and have the temple surrounded by NVA positions, and leave the old airfields in an out-of-bounds area. The action would then be more concentrated around the temple, instead of having all the space out in the open that's most likely not going to be used if you want the fight around the temple. But then that'd require a fair bit of work on the original Hastings map, working on not only the objects but the terrain and textures as well.

A nice point of this map is that it's seperate from the stock Operation Hastings, so you can still play the old Hastings online, but this map is coded to use some of the more hefty files (mostly terrain textures) from the original map. This means they don't need to be included in the remake and cuts the file size down by about 30MB. The only slight downside is that if you happen to have deleted the old Operation Hastings, this rehash won't work. However I seriously doubt you'll have deleted the old Hastings so that's ok. :)

The only problems the map had was that the undergrowth (i.e the grass and small plants) wasn't there, probably because of a coding mistake that meant the map was looking somewhere other than the original Hastings or the remake. So there's no grass on the ground. The loading screen for BFV Arsenal was slightly off too, but that's not a life-threatening problem either.

All in all, a nice remake. Works well, which is always good - the grass just needs some fixing and editing the out-of-bounds areas and control point locations to concentrate the action around the temple a bit more would be excellent.

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Download 'hastings_surrounded_0.1.rar' (9.76MB)

Hastings Surrounded-A Battlefield Vietnam Map by zixed01

Gametypes: Conquest, Coop/SP

Map Size: Medium/Large

- Patton
- T54
- M551 Sheridan
- PT-76
- M113
- BTR 60

All the same vehicles as bfv
Plus M40, SKS sniper, NCO, and Sabetuer pickup kits

Point Of Existence:
-M1A2 Abrams
-M2A3 Bradley

Pickup Kits:


I got the Idea for this the other day when I was playing Recruit Snyder's Mod on Operation Hastings. When my team got pushed back to the temple.
It has Support for the game Battlefield Vietnam and the mods Arsenal and Point Of Existence.

Story: Our CO ordered our squad out on a patrol to look for Charlie. While we were gone instead of harrassing us NVA regulars and VC launched a full assualt on our base. Our CO ordered us to hold up in a nearby temple 
and look for survivors from the attack. So we setup M60's on the perimeter and kept the little number of tanks we had with us on guard. We made it through the night. And are now going out to take back
our base and kill any NVA or VC in the area.

2. INSTALLATION--------------------------------------------------

Extract "Hastings_Surrounded" into your BfVietnam/archive/levels folder
Extract "Hastings_Surrounded_001" into your BfV_Arsenal/archive/levels folder
Extract "Hastings_Surrounded_002" into your PoE/archive/levels folder

3.Legal Stuff----------------------------------------------------

You can put it in any mods you like, just dont take credit for yourself. If it breaks your comp thats not my problem. You put it on your computer.


EA/Dice, for making the game.

Odanan for the great mod that is arsenal.

RussianComrade for helping me with mapping and coding stuff earlier that helped me now and for the .psd template for the arsenal loading screen.

Richard Hughes III for getting me into coding by showing me how to server side mod


Any problems, suggestions, or comments email me at:

zixed01 AT hotmail DOT com

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