How to add your own loading screen

Tools that you need • Battlefield Vietnam • Battlecraft Vietnam • (Download this!)! • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1:



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Tools that you need • Battlefield Vietnam • Battlecraft Vietnam • (Download this!)! • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1:

Download and extract LoadScreen.tga This is just a blank 800x600 image. Now you can create your own loadscreen, or use Photoshop's features to import one of your own. (I use in-game screenshots as they are allready tga format). When you are all finished, be sure to click 'Layer' , 'Flatten Image' then save the image on your desktop as LoadScreen.tga.

It shouldn't ask you to change formats, but if it does, make sure to save it as TGA (Targa) at 24 bits/pixel.

Step 2:

Launch Battlecraft and open your map for editing. Click 'Tools', 'CON File Editor' and open menu/init.con Paste this into your Init.con, over top any existing parts that you see that match. Game.setLocalized 1 game.setLoadPicture ../../BfVietnam/levels/YourMapNameHere/Menu/LoadScreen.tga game.setMapId "bfvietnam" Be sure to change the part of: YourMapNameHere, to your map name.

Step 3:

Now its time to import this into Battlecraft. So fire up Battlecraft. Click 'Tools', 'Add File To Archive' This will open a dialogue box with 2 path boxes. Click on the 'Import' button to the right of the first box, then browse to your desktop and select your LoadScreen.tga file, then click 'Open'.

Now, in the path window (bottom window, single line) it will show your maps path, just put \Menu and click 'OK' The whole process takes about 2 seconds, and it will not give you a confirmation that the file was added, but it has.

DO NOT SAVE!!! Exit Battlecraft and load up Battlefield. Create a game and load up your map. If you see your custom load screen, good job! If not, you missed something above.

NOTE ** When you make any further changes to your map and test it through Battlecraft using "Test Level" or CTRL+L, your custom load screen will not show while its loading, but if you load it up through Battlefield it will. So don't think your loading screen was over-written.

This tutorial is converted from bf1942 to bfvietnam i founded it at a forum, click hereto go there now.

If the Filefront servers are full you can download the file at the forum!

THANKS TO «seS»RoadRunner for makin this tutorial

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