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Alpha 0.3 has gone public, and is now ready ready for download! Keep in mind, we are still in alpha, so very little of what you see is in i...


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Alpha 0.3 has gone public, and is now ready ready for download! Keep in mind, we are still in alpha, so very little of what you see is in its final form. Insurrection is taking a huge step forward in this release with the addition of naval combat. This will add a while new element to the gameplay, both at sea and on land. Here are some screenshots of just some of the new features in Alpha 0.3, and check the media page for more screens from this release.

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		    (, /                                ,        
		      / __   _       __  __   _  _ _/_    _____  
		  ___/__/ (_/_)_(_(_/ (_/ (__(/_(__(___(_(_) / (_
		(__ /                                            
			   #   ####### #######  #####  
			  ##   #    #  #    #  #     # 
			 # #       #       #   #       
			   #      #       #    ######  
			   #     #       #     #     # 
			   #     #       #     #     # 
			 #####   #       #      #####  

Insurrection 1776 - A Revolutionary War Based Battlefield Vietnam Modification.

				  Alpha 0.3

If you're manually installing, unrar everything and stick the "Insurrection" folder under
/Battlefield Vietnam/mods/.


-Powder keg added (Saboteur)
-Saber added (Officer)
-Spyglass added (Multiple classes)
-Frigate (ship) added with multiple gun decks and 2 gunner positions
-Horse added
-Open/closeable gate structure added (operate with the open/close hatch keys)
-Lots of new maps

-Field cannon made moveable and wheels animated
-Line vehicles given proper flags for each team, as well as music and a mobile spawn 
 point.  Line will destroy itself if abandoned.
-Various model/skin improvements
-Various smoke effects improved
-Officer/Pistol classes given increased walking speed
-Weapon kits changed

-Swivel cannon exit point fixed
-Kentucky Longrifle downgraded with a much longer reload time
-Countless other small fixes


This is an ALPHA release.  This is very far from what our final game will be.  
Expect to see a lot of temporary skins, animations, and models as this game is still very
much in active development.  We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions about the
game, but please keep in mind that almost everything you will see in this version is not
in its final form.  We are releasing it for gameplay testing purposes and to give the
Battlefield Vietnam community a taste of things to come.


-We strongly suggest that you disable the auto-reload feature of the Battlefield Vietnam
 controls.  If you do not, then you won't have the option of firing a musket and 
 immediately using a melee attack, you will begin the reloading sequence automatically,
 which could get you killed in the heat of battle.  


-18th Century Combat - Insurrection 1776's uniqueness comes from its style of combat. 
Don't expect to see any machine guns in this game. The entire arsenal consists of melee 
weapons and flintlock muskets. Players must make their shots count, or prepare for melee 

-Line Battles - In order to better simulate 18th century warfare, we included a 
"line vehicle." This line vehicle looks just like a flag on the battlefield, but it can 
be "entered" like a BFV vehicle. There is one "driver" who controls the movement of the 
line, and up to 5 other players can join the line. Players in a line formation, in 
addition to having the firing support of the other players in the line, also will be able 
to shoot with their aiming reticles at their most accurate. In addition, the line acts as
a mobile spawn, allowing reinforcements to join you in the field.  Don't abandon the line,
or allow everyone in it to be killed, however, or the line will be destroyed as well.

-Fort Sieges - One common feature in many Insurrection maps is the fort structure. The 
in-game fort strucutres are modular, so no 2 forts look the same. The mappers can design 
their own layout for a fort. Many maps are based entirely around attacking and defending 
a fort. Many forts have openable gates that can be destroyed by cannon fire.

-Horses - The first version of the horse will be seen in alpha 0.3, though it is a very 
early version. The BFV engine's vehicles aren't made to have legs, so getting a horse's 
running animation to look believable is a difficult task, but it can be done. 

-Naval Combat - Man the guns and weigh the anchors! Avast ye scurvy dogs!  The frigates
are devastating weapons when used against land targets, so whoever controls the sea will
probably control the land as well.  Of course, controling the sea isn't easy when a fleet
of enemy ships don't want you to.


You can expect the following in future versions of Insurrection 1776.

-Improved player models for every class with historically accurate uniforms/attire. 

-More mobile and stationary artillery including mortars and howitzers.

-Expansion on naval combat with features including but not limited to:
	-Large battleships with many guns, more maneuverable boats with less firepower,
	 and many other types of 18th century watercraft right down to the simple rowboat.

	-Every boat (except small transport craft like rowboats) will have lowerable 
	 gangplanks that can be used to board enemy ships, resulting in an intense on-
	 board melee.  


Insurrection 1776 is a mod of Battlefield Vietnam created by Dice and published by 
Electronic Arts.  All original content is copywritten by Team Insurrection.  All rights

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