Invasion Gotland SP/Coop Mappack #1

invasion_gotland_spcoopmaps.rar —


A singleplayer and Coop conversion of BFV_LostVillage and Gazala for the Invasion Gotland mod by Hamburger Hill.



====== SP+COOP_Mappack for Invsion_Gotland_Mod ======

this is only a test, the most vehicles are not botsupportet!
but its great to play, a new challenge.

1) BFV_LostVillage (add-on file)

2) Gazala   (add-on file)

take the files into Your IG_levelfolder

Converted for IG by Hamburger Hill

Important: the MP_Maps are required in the BFV_levelfolder, download the MP Maps
here: 1) http://battlefieldvietnam.filefront.com/file/;37882 
here: 2) http://battlefieldvietnam.filefront.com/file/Gazala;33377
have fun with the machine_gun, Hamburger Hill

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