island Assault Day Two

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                         Island Assault
                            Day Two

This Map is a greatly ficticious map, but however this map
 is outstanding.  This is very nice looking map set in the
 islands off
vietnam.  Both Teams(U.S. Special Forces and North Vietnam) 
start with a base opposite each other set in islands.  The 
United States
is an invading army and have a moble spawn point and an array
of ampibious assault and choppers.  The North Vietnamise have
anti aircraft weapons, scooters, tanks and three attack choppers.  
This is version two and is an all out assault, Day one will follow
with all transport vehicles for both teams and less firepower
all about stealth combat and one less controll point.

The U.S. has controlled and poplulated a large island after
demolishing two of the Vietnamise villages. The Vietnamise
base is on the main island
and is attached to others by bridges.  The U.S must take 
advantage of amphibious assault to win this battle

Please let me know of any defects, besides couple floating
rocks somewhere, you can only do so much, every
object is placed and leveled manually, I am very detailed 
and maticulous.  I played this game on a lan party and
it was friggin awsome.  This is a fast action all out war,
snipers, cannons, boats, amphibious assault, anti-airtcraft, helicoptors, tanks
and all terrain vehicles.

[email protected]

do not use this in any other way than this is inteded and I the
origional author anyone must get my permission to use it
and I must be titled the author and noted for my work.

If for any reason your computer messes up, it is not my fault, you
must not blame me..........

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