Here's an update of the map "Jungle" It has improved ai, and lots of other stuff so get downloading! -Fx


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Here's an update of the map "Jungle" It has improved ai, and lots of other stuff so get downloading! -Fx

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Download 'jungle.zip' (40.42MB)

Current Version 3.5.1

v2.10b changes
* Added Rice patties as a neutral base.
* Added NVA docs.
* Added NVA cars to main NVA Base.
* Completed vegetation overgrowth.

v2.30b changes
* Removed main NVA base from city
* Made new main NVA base
* Terrain tweaks
* Made several spawn points for each team in city (good for snipers)
* Added med and ammo boxes in city

v3.0 changes
* CO-OP Added (bots).
* Made US outpost.
* Completed terrain shadow and object light map generation.

v3.4 changes
* Added several buildings in outer areas.
* added "eyecandy" along river.

v3.5 changes
* Improved AI paths.
* Added UH-6.
* Overgrowth redone.
* Terrain and texture updates.

v3.5.1 changes
* Fixed to run on dedicated servers.

Unzip to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels

Currently US controls 3 bases
- Main US operations HQ
- US Outpost
- City control point

Currently NVA controls 3 bases
- Main NVA base
- Hidden NVA base
- City control point

There is 1 neutral point
- Rice Patties

Both NVA and US main bases are fully stocked with a wide array of weaponry and vehicles, whereas the outposts only have light armored vehicles and transports. The city spawns have NO armored vehicles or weaponry, only unarmed vehicles. The city spawn points are designed to give a loosing team the chance to sneak away from there last spawn and make it to an enemy flag without having to worry about spawn campers to much.

I hope everyone has fun with this map. If you have any comments please email me at jhebbel@msn.com or MSN message me at the same address.

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