Jungle Fever (Reviewed)

Jungle Fever is a realism mod for Battlefield: Vietnam, adding new features and balancing the game, adding 5 new songs and 3 new maps (Opera...


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Jungle Fever is a realism mod for Battlefield: Vietnam, adding new features and balancing the game, adding 5 new songs and 3 new maps (Operation Cedar Falls, Hamburger Hill, Island Storm).

To install the MOD, simply extract all files from the .zip to "EA GAMESBattlefield VietnamModsJungle_Fever". When in the main menu, choose "Custom Game" and select Jungle Fever.


Hi all another review by CrAzYGuNnEr (My third review)

This mod is like the good old bugged BFV version 1.0, but more realistic and not many bugs! I like the new songs at the Menu. But there is no loading songs :( you will hear NO songs while you are loading a map... The Cobra has a new skin, i like it.. And it has like 48 rockets, without reloading! Same with the Huey Gunship, it has 20 rockets without reloading! The Mi-8 is weak against the Huey, because in seat 1 you can shoot with the rockets and with the minigun. So in this mod, don't fight with a Huey Gunship when you are in a Mi-8. And, the the guns... The new sound with the M16, CAR-15 and the AK-74 are nice, and sounds like in the real world. The skins are also nice for the M16,CAR-15 and AK-74. The Flaregun is like in the E-Dalgo mod, made by EA games i thought. And you can play it online, that's good... I didn't test the 3 new maps, i didn't had any more time for that. I saw 1 bug: At some kits is a bug, if u cycle true your weapons, you see the knife and if you chose the knife, you will get a pistol. Some kits have that.

This is just more realistic, if i play Battlefield Vietnam singleplayer, i'm going to play this mod. Ill end this review or it's gonna be big. And i added 2 screenshots, of the new Cobra skin and M79 skin.. I could make more, but i didn't had enough time. I'm giving this mod a 8,5 because it more realistic. -CrAzYGuNnEr BFVFiles.com Staff

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Download 'ngle_fever.zip' (40.1MB)

List of changes in this first version include: 

New M16 Sound 
New M14 Sound 
New Ak-47 Sound 

Cobra Now Has 48 Rockets 
Cobras ROF And Velocity Increased 
Huey Gunship Pilot Now Has 20 Rockets and 2000 Minigun Rounds 
M60 ROF Decreased 
M60 Accuracy Decreased 
M14 Now Has 20 Rounds 
M16 Now Has 18 Rounds 
Claymores No Longer Explode When Steped On 
Bouncing Bettys Do 3X Damage 
Edited M60 And M16 Muzzles 
Made Changes to The M16/Car-15 Skin 
Made Changes to The M60 Skin 
Made Changes to The ATC Skin 
Made Changes to The Cobra Skin 
Made Changes to The Huey Skin 
Changed the skin on the M79 Barrel 
Made Changes to The F4 Skin 
Made The M49 Skin Green/Camo 
Changed The M40 Wood 
Gave the Green Beret Gloves 

And The US Army And NVA classes are done 

US Army: 
Kit 1: M16, Colt, Grenades, Knife 
Kit 2: M60, M79, Knife 
Kit 1: Mossberg 500, Landmines, Mortar, Wrench 
Kit 2: Car-15(will be replaced with Grease gun), C4s, Blowtorch, Bouncing Bettys 
-Heavy Assault- 
Kit 1: Car-15(will be replaced with M2 Carbine), LAWs, Claymores, Knife 
Kit 2: SA-7(will be replaced with Red Eye), Colt, Smoke Grenades 
Kit 1: M21, Colt, Binoculars, Knife 
Kit 2: M14, Colt, Binoculars, Smoke Grenades 

North Vietnamese Army: 
Kit 1: AK-47, TT33, Grenades, Machete 
Kit 2: RPD, TT33, Machete 
Kit 1: SKS-56, Landmines, Mortar, Wrench 
Kit 2: SKS-56, ExpPack, Bouncing Bettys, Shovel, Booby Trap 
-Heavy Assault- 
Kit 1: Mat-49, RPG7 VN, TT33, Landmines, Machete 
Kit 2: SA-7, TT33, Machete 
Kit 1: SVD, TT33, Caltrops, Binoculars, Machete 
Kit 2: SKS-56, Timebomb, Flaregun, Binoculars

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