Metz's Weapons Mayhem

Metz's Weapons Mayhem 1.1 by MetzXTwo @


Using Winzip or Winrar ( Extract the WMayhem fol...


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Metz's Weapons Mayhem 1.1 by MetzXTwo @


Using Winzip or Winrar ( Extract the WMayhem folder into your Mods folder, in your Battlefield: Vietnam Directory eg. C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield VietnamMods

Now Load up Battlefield: Vietnam and once your at the main menu screen, goto options, custom game, selection WMayhem and click activate. Have fun!

*Version 1.1 - Changed some values on the tank blast that originally had a large recoil on the blast.

- Added an extra weapon slot on all kits for All Soldiers (ARVN,NVA,Vietcong,USArmy,USMarine,SpecialForces.) I also made some kits have 2 extra weapon slots instead of one.

- Changes some ammo and clip values on weapons

- Added new weapons to kits

- Changed all smoke grenades to frag grenades and other solider's kits that didnt have frag grenades before now have them.

- Changed a few values on the Jets and Heli's dealing with the reload times of rockets and bombs, and on some jets i added more rockets.

- In the first version the MG's didnt seem to cool down any faster than normal. This should be fixed now.

- M79 Grenade Launcher's velocity has been increased.

- Some Axis weapons and Allie weapons are available on both sides.

** Many updates have been taken place since 1.0 and alot of lil bugs worked out... However more is still planned and in the next up comming versions im going to start adding custom gun sounds, new textures, and maybe some new maps.

Version 1.0 This mod makes weapons chages for infrantry, air, sea, and land veichles. - Infrantry now have an extra weapon in all of there kits. (only US as of right now has extra weapon slot.)

- All choppers and Jets have increased ammo, faster rate of fire, alot more bombs and napalm.

- All land veichles including tanks now have more ammo and some have more powerfull blast's.

- Jeep MG's and Tanks MG's have plenty of ammo and increased rate of fire.

- This is the first release so expect many updates!

This mod in no way is tending to be realistic in any manner.


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