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This program lets you choose which profile to use in bfv everytime you start it. (Very good if you're more than one person on the computer playing bfv (trust me!))

It is deployed as is and I don't take any responcibility to any errors or bugs.

Hope you like it :D!

It is protected under law and copyrighted to Thomas Axelsson 2004


|| /\|| || /__\|| || / \/ \ You need .NET Framework installed to run it! Get it from || || /__()__\||

The easiest way to use this program is to change the bfv-shortcut to this program and/or add it in The All-Seeing Eye (further instructions in the program)

Coming soon

- Possibility to copy profiles so you can create new ones

Known Bugs

(- Must be in the bfvietnam dir if you gonna use the all-seeing eye (the program copies itself there if you want to))

Version History

- 0.6.1605

Buddy list editor Optimized code

- 0.5.1604

Can't add wrong-syntaxed names Warning when arguments seems to have wrong syntax Autolower lets you specify when the volume should be lowered (for example if ya use teamspeak). The volume is set before bfv starts! and it resets after you close bfv. Tab-order fixed (so you can tab around in the program)

- 0.4.1602

Choose mod added Syntax checker (not fully completed) Settings fields for those who don't fully manage the arguments ;)

- 0.2.1601

This is the first official release and I hope you like it, have only tested it on a WinXP Pro

Copyright Thomas Axelsson 2004

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