Official Battlefield Vietnam Debug

This is the Official BFV Debug from EA/Dice! This will make modding much easier for modders!


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This is the Official BFV Debug from EA/Dice! This will make modding much easier for modders!

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Battlefield Vietnam Debug Executable
Read Me File
July 31st, 2004

The BFV Debug.exe has been created in an effort to assist
mod makers and level designers in troubleshooting their builds
and to generally make it easier to view and evaluate new content.

-- The Debug.exe can be used for LAN games, but it cannot be used to join or host 
   internet games.  
-- When using Debug.exe, BFV is run in windowed mode, making it easier
   to check and edit data while running the game.
-- Asserts will pop up as content is loaded.  Hit ignore to continue loading.  A log
   file is generated when the program is terminated, and all asserts are recorded there.
   The log file is saved in Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Logs; note the mod path will
   differ if you are running your own mod.

Below are descriptions for some of the more valuable debugging
commands available to users, but is by no means an exhaustive list
of all the available commands.

Using the console:
-- Hitting the tilde key (~) will bring up the command console.  This is 
   where debug commands can be entered.  Hitting tilda again closes the console.

Some shortcuts when entering commands:
-- Hitting TAB when a line is partially finished will autocomplete the unique portions
   of the line.  Hitting TAB a second time will list all commands that contain that
   text.  For example, typing (without the quotes) "game.spawnat" followed by hitting the 
   TAB key will autocomplete the line, game.spawnatcameraposition.  If "game." is typed, 
   followed twice by TAB, all commands that begin with "game." will be listed.
   Scroll the list up and down using "PageUp" and "PageDown" keys.

-- You can easily cycle through commands already entered by hitting the Up and Down arrow keys.

Some useful commands:
-- console.showstats 1 --> Displays a number of useful stats.  FPS in the upper left corner 
   (first number is current, second is average).  Current camera location is in the bottom 
   right corner, along with a number of velocity and acceleration stats.

-- Console.showfps 1 --> FPS are shown in the upper left corner (first number is current, second is average).

-- Console.drawfpsgraph 1 --> FPS graph goes across the screen, making it easier to visualize
   performance.  NOTE - this command only works once Console.showfps has been activated.
-- Game.enablefreecamera 1 --> Enables the free camera.

-- Game.spawnatcameraposition 1 --> Selecting a spawn point and hitting 'Done' will spawn 
   the player at the current camera position, regardless of the spawn point chosen.

-- Game.spawnobject <object> --> spawn the specified object at the current camera position.  
   The object can be a vehicle, standardmesh, kit, or even a soldier. 

-- Game.debugdamage 1 --> This will cause an output to be generated in the console whenever 2
   materals collide, for example when a bullet hits a surface, or when a vehicle hits an object.
   The output is as follows:  (damage yes/no) (collision type, i.e. projectileVsObject) 
   <amount of damage> <attack material number, i.e. the projectile material> 
   <defense material number, i.e. the object armour material> <damage modifier> <angle modifier> 
   <base damage amount before modifiers are applied>

-- standardmesh.drawcollisionlods -1/0/1  -->  This allows you to see the different collision types.
   -1 = View default visible mesh
    0 = View the C1 (environment/vehicle)
    1 = View the C2 (player/projectile)

DICE Copyright
Copyright Ā© 2004 Digital Illusions CE AB.

Enjoy, and good luck with the modding!  We can't wait to see what cool ideas you come up with!!
The Battlefield Team

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