Operation Center Escape

Hey Guys! here's a map called operation center escape! looks good, so get downloading!! Also, the zip file is password protected for some...


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Hey Guys! here's a map called operation center escape! looks good, so get downloading!! Also, the zip file is password protected for some reason, but the password is in the readme! -Fx

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Download 'operation_center_escape.zip' (13.89MB)

***Operation Center Escape***
Ver 1.2 Changes: Added loading menu loading music
About the password, it was meant for you to acually open this read me and read it to find the password.

Just put the map in you levels drirectory or if you don't know what im talking abot put it in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels
and put CEload.bik into C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Music


The Story:
At the beginning of the war the city was in all rights useless in tactical value or otherwise. But as the war progressed the North Vietnamese began to see its value for its factory and its warehouse space. They garrisoned the city and forced the civilians to work in the factory to make ammunition, weapons and vehicles. US observation teams spotted moving of materials from the factory to various places in the city and noticed that that the supples where supporting the VC on the front lines and intervened. The US sent in a team of Spec Ops to eradicate the enemy from the city and severe the supply line, but en route to the other side of the city they got shot down and landed in the center. The enemy is closing in and they are running out of options.


Other Stuff:

·If the US capture the radio station and destroy the propaganda lady you will get the US radio  Station.
·The Factory produces a tank so keep it captured!
·There is a little secret over around the sides of the map you just have to look for it.
·Yes, I admit it I did rip the detail from berlin in BF1942.
·Certian CP have a Importance value, more vuluble CP affect the ticket counter some don't at some  times.
·A point of advise NEVER stand in the streets as its a death trap out there.
·Since the map has alot of objects it might lag here and there on a good computer


Please do not copy this map, steal ideas from it or take credit for anything and everything in this map. I am the sole creator of this map except certian parts of it.


The Password:
I hope the password on the map made you read this read me. But the password is: bfvoce


Questions, Comments or Bugs just send me a e-mail [email protected]

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1 month ago by Whiterabbit-uk

The password ''bfvoce'' *minus the '' ''  that you'll find in the read me does not work


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