Operation: Eye of a needle

A kickass custom map for Point of Existance mod.


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A kickass custom map for Point of Existance mod.

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Map for Battlefield Vietnam - Mod: Point of Existence

Mapname: "Operation Eye of a Needle"
Author: TomNedry
Version: 1.0
Packed: 20mar2005


The ongoing ground operations southwest of your current position make it necessary to control the bridges in our area of interest to provide the ongoing ground support operations. U.S. rapid reaction forces have established a forward operating base in the north. Due to lack of time only a small task force with light mechanized support is ready for combat. On the other hand the russian chief of staff is aware of the U.S. ability for long range air-transports and has stationed heavy anti-aircraft forces, supported by a platoon mechanized infantry in the vicinity of an old fort near the bridges. A failed effort of the U.S. forces in the early morning to get more informations via a predator reconnaissance UAV was only a proof for the fire power of the russian anti-aircraft deployments...

Changes (alpha -> beta)

+) Handmade ingamemap added
+) PoE like loadscreen added
+) Thumbnail at map selection added
+) Textures changed and paiting added
+) Tungustas reduced
+) ZU23 and ZU23bmp added
+) Additional vegetation added
+) Spawnpoint "Bridge" and "Antenna hill" set to neutral
+) Minor changes at "Village of Gedaret"

Changes (0.2 -> 1.0)

+) Textures changed, paintings removed
+) Spawn times on "Old Guard", "Antenna Hill" and "Brigde" shortened
+) Vegetation added
+) Rock objects added
+) Lights at U.S base added
+) Minor changes at "Village of Gedaret", "Old Guard" and "The Fort"

Known bugs:

+) Slight flickering at the walls of "The Fort". I think that's not a bug a mapper can avoid, but it's one of the object!

Mapper Note's

+) Special server side map is available at:


+) For comments and critics visit the forum at: 


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